Monday, February 21, 2011


...harbours another dismissed member again

Controversy seems to be the middle name of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) headed by Alhaji Aminu Maigari as our month long checks has finally revealed that one of the members was dismissed from the civil service in similar circumstances like that of Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi.
It would be recalled that Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi was also a dismissed public officer under the regime of Colonel Ahmed Usman, the former military administrator of Oyo State, who personally signed his dismissal for financial maladministration. It was after this dismissal that he served a four-year tenure as Secretary General and another four year tenure as a member of the board.
In saner climes, the office of the Attorney general of the Federation (AGF) would have started prosecution to recover such public funds expended on his decision not to fully and truthfully disclose that he was a dismissed officer.
There is a sitting member of the Maigari board of the NFF that is a dismissed public officer. Efforts are ongoing to see the forms the alleged officer filled in the bid to get to the board to see if truly he too did not disclose his status and that will amount to a crime.
Contacted for comments, Barrister Deji Gbadeyan (mni) said, “given the non disclosure of his dismissal status at the time of contesting for the office, he is deficient ab initio and is not qualified to hold office. All allowances, salaries and emoluments so paid to him as a result is paid in error and should be returned to the public till. A crime is deemed to have been committed.”
 In view of the above, the dismissed public officer presently sits on the board of NFF as against the provisions of the Statutes governing the game both in the country, CAF and FIFA which provides that anybody who is bankrupt or dismissed or convicted by a court of law is not qualified to run for the election, then, this member is corruptly sitting on the board.
It provides that every decision he would have participated in is tainted. Watch out for the ground breaking details of how he was dismissed, who the person is, where he was dismissed, his offence and other issues. It is a must read you can’t afford to miss.

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