Monday, April 16, 2012

Woe to those who call evil good - The Bible

Maigari...we disagree but not to insult him
A sponsored fool keeps coming to my blog to write all manners of thrash and indecent choice of gutter language certainly, he is a lackey of the NFF.
He trips me because he identifies where he is coming from. Each time his masters gets factual hits, his nerves rupture. I have learnt not to reply the monkey.
As soon as he wrote his last comments less than five minutes after posting the facts about Chris Green, a lady called my phone. She prayed un-end for me and added, "the Bible said: woe to those who call evil good."
I got so much relief knowing afterall I am standing on the pedestal of truth. Was this whole fight about personalities? No.
It pre-dated the appointment of Dr. Patrick Ekeji as DG of the NSC. Was the same Dr. Ekeji never been so harrassed on this blog severally? Must I abuse him when I don't have my facts?
The same way I refused to take on Alhaji Aminu Maigari because as an individual, I have nothing against him. At personal level, I respect him. As a member and President of the NFF he and his journeymen represent illegality. QED.
No matter what my views remain scientific meeting all the indices of science. No wonder two Courts of law pronounced same in tandem with my earlier presentations about them.
If they spend all their years inside the Glass House. It does not change my position. They are free to come here to express their frustration but the fact remains, the biblical curse remains like a necklace on them for calling evil good. 

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