Sunday, July 8, 2012

Athletics Fraud of Nigeria (AFN) in World junior scandal

AFN President, Solomon Ogba
Nigerians will remember when I broke the sex scandal in the World junior championship in France (in athletics) last year. I approached the National Sports Commission (NSC) in confidentiality. My confidentiality was betrayed. They pretended they were going to intervene in the matter. Rather, the accused in the case who is the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) invited the athlete (whose name I kept away from the public then and now) to come and be tried in their own court and I screamed blue murder! Reluctantly, they dropped the trial. Nothing happened to that matter. It was swept under the carpet.
I can reveal that the athlete has not only improved her timing in Calabar. She eminently qualified for this year’s World junior but she is not on the list. For God’s sake, is this not discrimination?
So, she has to pay the price of not allowing some useless men old enough to be her father who parade themselves as coaches to sleep with her before she can run for her fatherland.
This is terrible. It is un-Godly. My prayer. For those who perpetrated this, may God in His infinite mercies expose their own daughters to the same type of treatment they are giving this innocent young girl who has worked hard and deserves her honour and integrity. May all they lay their hands on be short-lived like they want to frustrate this young athlete.
Sadly, when I saw the list of the 23 athletes that are to represent Nigeria in the World junior I was shocked beyond my pants. Many of them have no business in that team.
Two, it showed that it is a family business because Yusuf Alli’s wife is the chaperon of the team! Why did the AFN keep the list like a secret cult’s roll call?


  1. Did you know that Yussuf Alli never graduated any University but keep shouting he is Master degree holder. Yussuf Alli was charged with criminal offence for stealing All African Games equipments and cars. Furthermore Yussuf Alli took drugs all the time he competed

  2. Solomon Ogba hired a drug abuser and banned Coach Garfield Ellenwood read this article: Nigeria employs drug-tainted coach for Olympics
    July 9, 2012 by Pius Ayinor 2 Comments