Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why the NFF stopped the NPL Congress

Baribote...the crown prince of the League protected

A lot of Nigerians have praised the decision of the illegal Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for stopping the Congress of the equally illegal (see  Justice Okorowo of the Federal High Court Abuja’s judgement).
Unconfirmed sources within the NFF at a place in Abuja had a Freudian slip where it was revealed that, some members of the NPL Congress had met, deliberated and agreed that the only way forward was to sack the NFF crown prince of the League, Victor Rumson Baribote.
That would have paved way for one of the people the NFF does not want to see their face to have been pushed up to the rank of officer to manage the League. It was a chess gambit and the stoppage order came to rescue ‘home boy’ from disgrace.
Meanwhile, the NFF has not been able to decide what to do in respect of the Auditors’ Report which found Baribote to have allegedly not well managed some of the funds. He is recommended to return some monies in the region of N30m.
How true this is remains to be found out. With this theory being feasible and realistic, will the Congress of the NPL do what is right and correct or be recruited to take small cash and do what is not in the best interest of the game?

…Tricking the polity of Nigerian football
Maigari, Jalla...where lies peace for our football?
 I can reveal that if there is peace in Nigerian football, that will mean an end to the survival of some people. To remain relevant, these set of people have to stoke the trouble from which cash and promotion is guaranteed.
Recently, there was this report that Harrison Jalla, President of NANF was arrested by the Police for allegedly defrauding a player to facilitate a foreign club contract.
It was officials of Aminu Maigari’s NFF that were busy sending the reports to facebook and twitter. It turned out that Jalla was abducted, arrested on a Friday, meant to be kept till Monday if at all he will be bailed.
The police did not incident the arrest. The meaning? It was “jankara”. He was denied to take any of his phones.  He got his freedom after the Police kept him for 24 hours. He sued the Police for N50m and Ademola Olajire for N20m.
Not too long, Jalla’s name was smuggled into a list of “top bankers” the Police declared wanted. One question is, does the Police no more know Jalla’s contacts? At least, they know his house and office addresses in Abuja and Lagos. He was declared wanted in respect before a court of law.
See the thread? On 3rd November, 2011, a Friday, the same NFF through Chris Green, used the Police to invade National Accord newspaper to arrest me. Before you will say uhm, the NFF goons were on facebook and twitter. They sent e-mails to Editors to use the story.
At the Police, what is the charge? Libel and defamation of the character of an organization. Laughable. The Police helped them to arrest and detained my laptop and hard disk for 39 days.
Our Police, a veritable instrument of oppression and injustice have remained ignobly available to shut down any “opposition” so long as the price is right.
With these trend, why must people go to court to seek justice when you can employ ‘self-help’ tools? We are nearing there. Courts remain a reasonable and most important tool for civilized persons.
The same NFF went to court and got a judgement that was tinted in their colour. It was widely reported in the media but the judge CANNOT make the same judgement available. See how the judiciary is also made to wear the jersey of corruption?
Very soon, you will find people in our football will be wearing bullet proof cars and vests. They will employ bodyguards, thugs and allied structures to manage our football.
Remember I once predicted the referees will be killed with the mad way and manner the affairs in the league were being conducted.
The following season, 2003, it happened. We are arriving in the state of anomie. Welcome to the bedlam of the beldam of our football.
EXTRA TIME: I have started praying and fasting that the Aminu Maigari are able to, as planned, get a long extension in the contempt trial in the Federal High Court Abuja so as to concentrate on winning the African Nations Cup in South Africa.
Two, they deserve a new term since the Congress has been ‘pampered’ enough to vote them back to office. By the time they will leave eventually may our football not become so desolate.
Is the attendance in championships not a sign of growth and development? Even if, as usual, we pack very old people in small bodies to play in cadet championships while we cannot deliver in the senior level.
Ikhana...bye to Falcons.
Is he, like Nigerian coaches bad?
IKHANA: I recall the day Shaibu Amodu was finally sacked after his third missionary journey. I said it on AIT’s Sports File, that whoever comes up after him for the next 15 years will suffer the same pain and fate.
Can we count? Samson Siasia. Now, it is the turn of Kadiri Ikhana. Stephen Keshi is making use of the best of average players but the truth is, does he not deserve more quality players?
Until the day we admit that the way we go about things now is simply wrong and will never give us any new result shall we do what is right. Where is the nursery to train our footballers from an early age?
The failure of the Super Falcons in Equitorial Guinea is a fact that our football is dead. Is it the coach’s fault? When we return from South Africa without the trophy, will they sack Keshi? Does failure of the teams reflect the technical inability of the coach?  See how we have placed the right foot into the left shoe?

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