Sunday, December 30, 2012

Peace, the orphan in Nigerian football

Maigari's NFF fixed Jalla's arrest against court order

His name is Harrison Jalla. Many people hate him and his dogged guts. No one, including those who hate his face, will take it from him that he has two things: guts and passion. If those who manage our game today have half of such values, we will be rated in top five spots on FIFA rating.
Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great passion. That is him defines in two sentences.
As a player of Flash Flamengoes FC of Benin, that is him. He is a loyal fellow. He is loyal to a defined cause. As team captain, he delivers.
Makurdi Congress: Ever since the afternoon we discussed, agreed and defined to fight the fundamental error committed by the hoaxers and goaders of the visceral damagers of Nigerian Football (from Sani Abdullahi Lulu to Aminu Maigari), till today, Jalla has remained in the fight.
They are the Byzantine tribe who destroyed the remaining legacies of our football. I prefer to call the Nigerian Football Fraudsters (NFF).
It is my prayers that the quality of justice and progress they brought to our football, God in His infinite mercy shall give them a geometric dividend and return in their personal lives.
For we in what is classified as "opposition", it is the same prayer.
For all those who conspire and are used as tools in the suppression of what is good for Nigerian kids in football, including the Police, may their own ranks too share in this 'prayer'.
Last line: Jalla had invested faith in Nigerian football of which we are its products. He was betrayed by people he brought to the fray. They want to survive. They forgot some people sacrificed to survive to enable them get where they are today. May that survival remain a life feature for them. They will never stop surviving. They broke the house and became errand boys. They will remain errand boys all their lives.
If Jalla had been a violent person, this fight would have been over a long time. He believes in the courts. That is why he consistently returns to the courts on virtually every issue of conflict.
 The twice court-declared illegal NFF paid policemen to arrest Jalla since Friday against the expressed orders of two courts of law, kept him in police detention. Great. We shall await that outcome.
For Nigerian football, this is the final knell. The dead in the grave are at war. Let all living souls scamper. It is an all out war hence. If the nation's peace is price, it shall be paid.
More arrests have to be made or these injustice continues.
Peace has departed from the house of our football. No more decorum.

The celebration of the arrest in the precincts of the NFF shall soon turn to  pains, pangs and call of persecution. Watch out.  

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