Thursday, December 1, 2016

What the Akeredolu victory meant to our people -Elegbeleye, Ariyomo

Otunba Gbenga Elegbeleye...see great future for the state

*Congratulates governor-elect

Two prominent members of the victorious All Progressives Congress (APC) in the Ondo governorship election that brought victory to Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) has in a review of the process thanked the people for investing massive confidence in the party and voted according to their conscience.

Former Director General of the National Sports Commission, Hon Gbenga Elegbeleye and cerebral Tunji Light Ariyomo quipped in separate interviews with that the voice of the people is the voice of God.

To Elegbeleye, “it was a victory for democracy. Victory against tyranny and self serving leadership. Victory against imposition and negative politics. I hope his (Akeredolu) victory will put an end to politics of playing one community against others all in the guise of a selfish agenda.”

He added, “this is the voice of the people of Ondo and it is the voice of God. We thank the people for this rare confidence in our party and voting massively for our candidate. This is a community victory and we shall deliver the expected change to the people. We thank the people and by the grace of God, we shall make their electoral investment yield great results they will be proud of.”

Engineer Tunji Light Ariyomo in his own assessment said, “it is a new dawn in Ondo state. The state now has the 
opportunity to reset and refocus towards proper and sustenable development of the land and the people.”

“The man they have voted for is not just reliable, he is close to the people. He knows where the pains are. He visited virtually every community in the state during the campaigns. As a successful legal practitioner, he would bring that managerial leadership to play. The fortunes of our state certainly is looking so bright and enduring.” 

Tunji Light Ariyomo...interpreted the victory
“Did you check the result that brought is that victory? Don’t look at the margin. Look at the spread. There are some unusual facts. People came out massively. Two, we secured victories where we were made to look were not our areas of strength. Three, every vote counted in the election. From here, there is an assurance that electoral processes will continue to yield greater confidence in the nation. Here, one needs to commend the INEC for a great job which showed grit planning and mobilisation of resources.”

The two party figures congratulated the Governor-elect and wished him the very best in office. 

The election result at a glance:
1.     Ondo West AD. 7154 APC. 10672 PDP. 17382
2.     Irele AD. 6,710. APC. 11,138. PDP. 5,907
3.     Ifedore AD. 4,629. APC. 10,958. PDP. 6,747
4.     Akoko North East AD. 5,367 APC 13,645 PDP. 6,496
5.     Ileoluji/Okeigbo AD 4525 APC 10681 PDP 8306 SDP 144
6.     Ondo East. AD 2,742 APC. 4,253. PDP 7,317 7-
7.     Ose AD. 4272 APC. 13454 PDP. 6520
8.     Akure North AD. 4123 APC. 10710 PDP. 6498
9.     Akoko South East AD. 2270 APC. 6384 PDP. 4239
10.   Akoko South West AD. 9359 APC. 19892 PDP. 7691
11.   Akoko North West AD. 4831 APC. 13048 PDP. 6049
12.   Okitipupa AD. 16294 APC. 14930 PDP. 8031
13.   Owo AD. 2469 APC. 32988 PDP. 4241
14.   Odigbo AD. 8187 APC. 17581 PDP. 8668
15.   Idanre AD. 4836 APC. 10981 PDP. 7575
16.   Akure South- AD12,270, APC. 25,797, PDP 25,005
17.   Ese-Odo AD. 3562 APC. 10700 PDP. 8071
18.   Ilaje AD. 22789 APC. 7030 PDP. 5007 SDP. 159

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