Sunday, March 18, 2012

NFF finds peace in the grave yard

FIFA President, hope he won't get new stories?
Can the celebration begin? A short-cut has been gotten.  Two major headaches of the NFF have been settled. Dr. Sam Sam-Jaja gets honourary membership. Why is anyone asking if that was what he bidded for ab initio which was why he went to court? Some monies to pay for his legal services come with it. For these concessions, he is not expected to activate the law suit in terms of seeking for breach of the orders of Justice Okorowo’s court.
Dr. Ray Nnaji also gets paid for his legal services in all the fight he’s engaged in. So, he’s expected to become a ‘good boy’ and keep his voice out of it all.
To proponents of the pro-Maigari board this is the end of the crisis in Nigerian football. Therefore, this calls for celebration. Wonderful!
To those who know and understand what is on ground, this is like fooling the self. The hydra-headed monster whose head was severed in one corner is being celebrated to have been killed. What about the other heads of the monster?
The real fight that degenerated to opportunistic fighters like Sam Sam Jaja and Nnaji belong to Harrison Jalla’s National Association of Nigerian Footballers (NANF). The other flank is Olusegun Odegbami’s. So, for any fool to be celebrating on the opportunist beneficiaries is equal to getting peace in the graveyard. The ghosts will haunt the wraiths they think they’ve buried.
Why is the NFF self-destruct? They are like the Bourbons of France who learnt nothing from history and forgot nothing to history. When Justice Okon Abang gave the monumental judgment in Lagos. They had a peace parley signed with NANF. The NFF was so ungentlemanly not to respect the terms of the agreement. Yet, they did not make legal moves to vacate the orders of that court.
They have another judgment again this time from Justice Donatus Okorowo. They have a peace pact with Nnaji and Sam Jaja. I predict the NFF as usual will not respect the terms. Fight will soon break out again. They will not pursue to vacate the judgment at hand.
Their peace pact will not and can never obliterate the orders of that court. See their foolery? Evil days are postponed. The war has just begun. More ghosts will come on revenge mission. Watch out. More opportunists will also come to the fore. Are the fundamental issues that led to the crises sorted out? Haba! Whoever tied this pact is a big clown!
This definitely must be the political solution minister Bolaji Abdullahi promised us. Aminu Maigari, Sam Jaja and Ray Nnaji all belong to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The PDP has produced a political solution which can only remain political and not football. That is why the political solution seems to be good for them. Now that the political solution has been found, those of us who are not ‘politrick-cians’ will continue the fight. We do not need government to support us as we never had government. It is a football fight and will continue at that.
When the people in government want a forceful solution, they should start arresting those of us who want to fight. They can frame charges and keep us “trouble makers” (that is the language of government people, ask Wada Nas). Option is to take on us using the Bagauda Kaltho path.
One fact remains, you can’t fool all the people all the time.
 Anyim Pius Anyim: Someday sometimes in the nearest future, we will be back to ask what exactly was the role of the sitting Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) in the so-called settlement brokered in his office and presence. I had thought of it that as a lawyer he is an officer of court.
That he presided over the side-stepping of a valid court order with an informal and one-sided set of parties to a complex web of footbrawl crisis. To me, like those who know, this peace (that’s what they called it) is like burying a cadaver whose feet is above surface level.
This crisis has actually just started. In a matter of days and weeks, we will all, insha Allahu, witness what I am seeing with my troublesome third eye. Like all my previous predictions, this will anon come to pass and these personae behind the charade called peace will realize what they have done.
What is in a name? Time will tell. siddon look
CHANGE OF NAME: I, formerly known as the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) now wish to be known and addressed courtesy of Senator David Mark, the priest at the naming ceremony, as the House of Corruption in Nigeria (HCN). All public documents remains valid. FIFA, CAF, Nigerian media and the public to note.

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