Monday, March 5, 2012

Three victims of that wonderful but damning Senate verdict

President GEJ...feeling football headache

NSC/Sports Ministry: For them as the supervisory agency for sports, the latest Senate verdict has caught them in the off-side position. They had the law on their side to act. They refused. Two court judgments gave them the window they refused. They set up the Dominic Oneya committee which all the feuding parties, ab initio, agree to stand by its decisions. Till date they have not been able to implement. They want to visit FIFA headquarters to get estacode and leave the football crisis to fester on. Heard the Maigari board may have settled with them to run their full term so they are buying time for the board. Can this be for a cost?
Maigari's NFF board: In the meantime, shall we all rise for the Nigerian Senate. My heart was at rest hearing the troubled but patriotic voices of Heineken Lokpobiri, Barnabas Gemade, George Akume. I searched and could not find Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki another well versed voice on matters of sports. I know where he has always stood on these matters had he been around, there is no way he would not have resonated like his other colleagues.
Senator Lokpobiri shocked me. In his first term in the Senate, he was a friend of the NFF. He came out in strong words to lay the problem of football as administration. He called the current managers mediocres and said those who were always brought in to run its affairs are simply mediocres. He singled out the immediate past NFF helmsman, Sani Lulu Abdullahi for allegedly mismanaging about N2.16 billion of the NFF funds.
FIFA President bewildered by new revelations
House of Representatives: Unlike the ethnic and politics of attrition the lower chamber, the House of Representatives is playing on the football matters, the Senate showed maturity, vision, vim and national interest. That Senate verdict showed the House of Reps to be biased, myopic and clowns in parliament.
They have struggled to divert the nation's attention by a supposed investigation of the National Sports Commission, (NSC).
GENESIS: We (Adokie Amasiemaka, Olusegun Odegbami, Harrison Jalla, Patrick Omorodion, Jarret Tenebe, then later, Toyin Ibitoye) have severally written, fought or gone to EFCC amnd courts of the land about the corruption in the NFF.
 The more we write, fight, scream and alert of the quanta of fraud and corruption in the Glass House the more we were all made to look like rabble rousers. We were to them not making any sense. We were just disturbing the development of the game.
Senator Lokpobiri spoke the truth
I recall when Tenebe and his friends (Simon Akiga, Ahmed Gara-Gombe, Chikelue Iloenyosi, Jalla, Kayode Ajulo) came up with the interim committee of the NFA, the government stoutly abused and called them names. When their issues were tabled in the public domain they were taken serious.
THIEVING: Thieving is a daily routine in the NFF. It all started in Taiwo Ogunjobi's tenure as Secretary General. Visa racketeering etc Then, at the twilight of Lulu's tenure was the $236,000 that got lost from the coffers. No breakage. The door and safe were neatly opened and the money just left on its own. Today, no one is liable!
The 2010 World Cup $8m money has gone into private pockets according to my in-house sources in the NFF.
The money Nigerian government gave the NFF to prosecute the World Cup nko? When those who collected the money were asked to explain how they spent tax payers' monies, they said they can’t be held or tried because FIFA abhors football matters to be taken to the ordinary courts. Justice Okorowo has ruled and the matter remains on trial.
COMPLICIT EFCC: When I started the battle immediately after the 2010 World Cup, I wrote the EFCC with investigated details. I had to accuse the then Chairman, Farida Waziri, of having collected NFF bribe before she angrily sent the matter to court two day later. EFCC is still battling with that.
Tenebe's NFA went to the same EFCC on the Maigari board. I heard, (not verified) that the matter will never see the light of the day. It has not seen any light, even candle light, despite damning evidences gathered by the investigators. I was interrogated for three hours on the matter.
CLONED THIEVING: My granny will say you will breed children of your ilks. As a good child of the NFF, since the "crowned" chairman of the NPL, Victor Baribote, over  N120 million has been stolen.
Dominic Oneya's committee did a good job
WILL THE SENATE DELIVER?: The Senate President, David Mark, summarised the truth calling the NFF what it actually is, house of corruption. Can the Senate investigate the NFF well? Order for a 12 year audit by a reputable organisation (not the NEITI type) and prosecute whoever is found guilty so that sanity will return to our football again.
Can the Senate adopt the Dominic Oneya report especially the draft amendment of the NFA Act unlike the jankara her lower chamber colleagues are cooking that will bring fresh and unending law suits on our football?
Can the Senate seek and get to the roots once and for all? This is where the Oneya Committee report handily comes in again. I fought the committee badly exposing some things about their conducts but they did a wonderfully good job.
ADDED TIME: From the efforts on ground, do we need the Senate to have come into this matter? Dereliction of duty due to personal interests have led us here.  With the Senate entry, please start praying for them to have the courage to do what is right and save our football, the biggest tool of unity, from the hands of medoicres.

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