Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baribote: The pearl we all refused to celebrate
For those who do not like satire will fight and misrepresent me here. Let us dance together in this show first. So many people are so na├»ve in this great nation of ours. I just discovered how as a people we don’t have a very rich history. No wonder history is no more taught in our primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.
We have always lined up to celebrate the wrong people. It’s a big shame. I stumbled on some records again (as usual?) and found out that Chief Victor Rumson Baribote is one man who should be in the Guinness Book of Records by now. This is one man every sensible person in the game of football should be idolizing.
We should all have been mesmerizing God for giving us such a special talent in Baribote. A most unique personality never seen in the aura and environment of the game in Nigeria whose records will be so difficult to beat for a long time.
He was born on the 10th April 1978. Sadly enough, I, like so many Nigerians did not realize this lest we should have hired drums to celebrate his 34th birthday last month since we are now in May.
You can even wonder how poor and miserly are the 20 professional clubs in the NPL such that none of them could even buy advert space either on radio, television or newspaper to congratulate Nigeria’s ever youngest NPL chairman.
At least, with Sports minister, Bolaji Abdullahi’s peace pact that is reigning supreme in the game for now, which has obliterated the judgment of a whole Federal High Court. Therefore, Baribote can still by virtue of these be referred to as the sitting chairman of the NPL except that his board members have gone underground due, probably, to the court order. That makes his a one-man board.
My take is, going down memory lane, except if my records need further doctoring, our Baribote played for Kwara Bombers FC of Ilorin. Follow my lead.
Late Chief Adolphus Dubem Okafor bought the former Exide Fc of Ibadan which was renamed as Kwara United in 1997 during the tenure of then Colonel Peter Asum Mbu Ogar, the military administrator of Kwara State.
By official club records, Kwara Bombers FC of Ilorin existed between 1990 and 1996. Baribote played for two seasons in the club. Assuming he played in the last two years of the club’s existence (which is also contrary to my assumption), that means we can agree he played in the 1994/95 and the 1995/1996 season. It was on record that the club went down on relegation that season.
Here I come. Let’s shout Hurray for the great Baribote! Go back to his age. He played for Kwara Bombers as a 14 year old!
Two, he obtained his school certificate in 2007! Yes now. He claimed to have sat for the examination in Community Secondary School, Okodia in Bayelsa State. Checks with WAEC showed that no school existed on the accredited list of the year for the June or the November/December editions of the examination. Except probably, it was NABTEC or NECO that he actually sat for.
Three, the oath of office he swore to and signed upon the election into the NPL on the 8th April 2011 was in his own handwriting as a “Board member”. There must have been another election in the dream world that satisfied all the laid down processes that brought him in as “chairman”
All hail the magical fronds of footbrawl in Nigeria. Long live these frauds!

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