Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Jonathan must intervene to save us - Lulu

This headache called football again?

Former President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Abdullahi Sani Lulu, may have in a bid to find a political solution to the on-going prosecution of the football quartet which is handled by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) wrote President Goodluck Jonathan wherein he accused his predecessor of mismanaging N2.8b his board left behind. 
He had written the President on the 1st March, 2012. Part of the letter read: “We were most prudent in the running of the affairs of the NFF and we made personal sacrifices so as to invest our resources in viable projects that will bring visible changes to the football sector in Nigeria. The record of our financial management was never witnessed in the history of the football organization in Nigeria and we stand to defend this record anytime,” he wrote.
According to Lulu, “I devoted my best talents to the good management of football in the country. Indeed, from the unfortunate and unprecedented decline in our football today, it is obvious that those who orchestrated our removal from office had no good plans for the country.
“Nigeria football is at its lowest ebb but all those who vilified us unjustifiably are silent. During our four years tenure, we left a comfortable balance sheet, won gold and silver from the U-17 World Cup in Korea and Nigeria respectively and got Nigeria to the quarter-finals of the 2008 Nations Cup. Also, we qualified for the World Cup.”
“It is obvious that we have suffered grave injustice. We were perhaps misunderstood or the clandestine group that had always controlled the affairs of our football to their selfish advantage was not happy with our independent and forthright position on the administration of the game and as a result, they smeared us at any opportunity.
“We acted with courage for the future of football and did not want to compromise our vision  and principle even when it was clear to us that those against us had great reach in their unjustified plot. Their action is now history but its aftermath has taken a great toll on the standard of football in our beloved country,” he concluded.

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