Wednesday, June 6, 2012

$80,000: Penchance for lying and deception

Sports minister, Bolaji Abdullahi...please investigate
I read with glee the untoward public deception and outright lying of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to the issue of the loss of $80,000. I stand by my story. It is true. The money was missing.
If it is not true that money was missing, is the NFF claiming that they did not make provision ab initio for the team to be paid? Musa Amadu, the acting Secretary General of the NFF is lying here.
The alarm that the money got missing was raised while the team was transiting in Ghana. To cover up, Bola Oyeyode, the interpreter in the International Department of the NFF, was hurriedly given a new cache of cash to follow the team to Kinshasha. His international travel details had been checked and confirmed before I went to press initially. So who is lying? Or did he followed the team as a tourist or spectator?
Was it not true that the NFF officials that went to the Kinshasha trip suspected a particular staff? Sadly enough, there was a decision to quietly ease off the staff in question. As the team returned to Nigeria, the staff in question lost his child. Did the senior members of staff of the NFF not claimed that because they subjected the staff that went on the trip to curse that’s why this particular staff’s child died? Did they kill his child?
If it is true that money was not missing why were the members of the NFF secretarial team thoroughly checked like common criminals in a manner that made them look like petty thieves? Or would anyone deny that these staffers were not so searched? Dr. Emmanuel Ikpeme supervised the search.
If like the ugly liars of the Glass House claimed that I have a penchance for lying, they should come up with any of my reports about their activities or and otherwise where they found any iota of my reports that is not true. Was this not the unpopular line they towed when I came up with the fact that the Obama Cup they lied to Nigerians about two years ago was a ruse? I came out justified. They were worsted.
I have always come out justified and made to look like a saint each time I expose the NFF and their lisps and lips which is branded in lying. I will come up with further facts and evidences in this case this time I will mention more names and roles of each person to show who is lying again. At least, I have mentioned a first round now.
With the available facts I have, I may have no option than to officially lodge a complaint with the appropriate authorities of the land demanding a thorough investigation of this missing money saga, including the invasion of the rights of the staff that were embarrassed with checks in Kinshasha for allegation of stealing. Or ask, why they were so searched if truly money was not missing.
However, he who must come to equity must come with a clean hand. These hands from the NFF are sincerely speaking not clean. All facts will enter the public domain surely. All linens must be washed publicly. Some people must be prosecuted for this high grade fraud. If it is found out that I lied I want to stand prosecution
Barayi banza!

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