Monday, June 11, 2012

Missing $80,000: Garlands for headmaster Musa Amadu

NFF's headmaster, Musa Amadu
 A French proverb says: "there is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience". That is where I draw my strength in the matter of the $80,000 in the NFF. I insist and assert that money is missing. Musa Amadu says no money is missing. There is a conflict.
Musa Amadu should explain to Nigerians why the support staffers of the national team were so humiliated by being searched and falsely accused of stealing money. A public apology is therefore due and necessary. Otherwise, the God of justice and fairplay will visit the same humiliation on those who made those staffers into objects of ridicule because they are helpless and defenceless.
If $80,000 can be carelessly pulled out of the vaults of the NFF without trace and accounting principles, which this act amounts to, then, only God knows how much such monies have been disappearing from the back.
Assuming therefore like Amadu said no money is missing, the God of money (in Africa, every item has a god) will in truth starve those who mismanage what belongs to the commonwealth of good things of life except it does not happen.
Why did Musa Amadu had to call staffers of the Account department to a meeting to threaten them with dismissal if further information leaks since according to him they are the source of the current leakage?
Musa Amadu will easily flaunt he is a liar (is a lawyer not a liar?) and he attended FIFA University. He is the worst manager of Nigerian football. Those who never attended a University nor even neared FIFA primary schools have done better jobs than his.

…Hold him responsible for Eagles’ draw
As it is usual, if things work straight and well, they at the secretariat won't get pecuniary benefits. Part of such means is when teams have to go late for matches and planes have to be hired. Costs are easily inflated and inputed into the books. See how Eagles' trip to Malawi was organised. They make the coaches look like they are the problem. Uhm! Shame!
Amadu heads the secretariat. Since he assumed office, it has been from one disaster to another. Many people wrongly look to the board. It is the Chief Executive Officer we should look. He heads a team that has consistently failed so woefully.
For the first time since 1945, Nigeria was absent at international championships for all the national teams. He has not been able to marshal football development. The man has presided over the aiding and abetting of fraud in the $80,000 that got missing trying to cover same. This is a ground for the board to call for investigation and ask him to step aside otherwise it means the board, led by Alhaji Aminu Maigari, is aiding and abetting the commission of the same crime.

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  1. Has there ever been any controversy as to the windless sail which the NFF has been subjected to, since the INTERIM? Scribe came on board?