Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ambush journalism and the practitioners of shame

Journalism is a calling not for hungry half-baked perons
Methinks when people don’t have balls, they still reserve the rights to have shame. When journalists sell their conscience for the lucre, the nation will reel in massive trouble. Of all the genres of journalism in Nigeria, I want to state without mincing words that the most intellectually deficient is the sports sector. No wonder the quality of decrepit reportage and untoward sense of not directing the kind of reform required therein.
Therefore, to lay the blame of the type of servitude and intellectual backwardness of some of the sports writing practitioners, no one is surprised that when a sports administrator wants to succeed in th media even without a success in administering the sport, all he needs do is get some cheap Editors with big fat stomach, bespectacled like the popular Papa Ajasco without neck.
They have forgotten that opinions are personal to the individual. The media of expression is not the control of the pages they edit which sometimes makes one feel so ashamed that they will go online copy internet materials and paste for their reading audience who also would have read the same materials they are pasting on their sports pages.
They know all the foreign teams and players without knowing the club that exists at the tip of their noses. They can only report footbrawl, not even football, unlike any other sport. They got into journalism because there was no other job for them not because they wanted to excel in journalism so when they see someone do the job the way they do not understand, they feel bad and very uncomfortable. No wonder, one of them naively expressed his misgiving.
Please follow the thread:
Erudite and respected Patrick Omorodio wrote:
Hello friends and colleagues, I wish to inform you all that I have decided to join the race for the National SWAN election holding soon after the Nations Cup. I'm running for the post of National Deputy Chairman of our cherished association. You will all agree with me that all has not been too well with our once vibrant association for one reason or the other. The incumbent national officers have been doing their best but they still feel much could be done if new ideas are brought to bear on the association. I believe I have some ideas which could be useful in reviving the association. It is not enough to stay out and criticise hence I'm throwing in my hat to be counted as one of those who helped to resuscitate the National SWAN. My modest achievements at the State level in Lagos with the likes of Toni Ubani, Adeniyi Adesina, Okey Onwuchekwa, Simon Ekpe, John Akpodovhan, Femi Solaja and a host of others can attest to this. I am therefore appealing to you all to support me in cash and kind as I begin my campaign for the election which has been tentatively fixed for Makurdi.  God will reward you all abundantly if you support me to succeed. God bless you all. Long Live SWAN, Long Live Nigeria.
Out of respect knowing what he has done for SWAN, I replied, in my personal opinion:
I stand by my position on what SWAN has degenerated to become. If that makes you think I insult your benefactors who are the corrupt, brazen thieves who are stealing and killing our sports is your anger, please nurture it to stardom. I have no single regrets. SWAN, I insist is not what it is supposed to be as it is.
Sincerely speaking, I will again and again insult those who do not do what they have chosen to be elected to do. If some of them are your friends and that is what pains you, I will mass up sympathy for you. I have chosen my words carefully in what you are complaining about and I have taken my position. I have a right to my opinion like I will also respect your rights to your opinion. How I choose to express myself does not guarantee you a right to measure how I do it. Please do yours.
Thanks for your insulting and uncouth use of langue.

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