Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chukwuemeka life ban: conspiracies, truth and the untold sides of mafioso

Vivian Chukwuemeka...victim of a bad system?
You will ever know, read and continue to hear all manners of irresponsible conducts that ordinarily abuse the rights of athletes by officials of the sports Federations who flout the laid down processes in the rules.
It is authoritative that sexual assault of female athletes is a way of life in the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN). If you say no, no matter your status in the sport, you will be dealt with badly. If you gladly open your dirty in-between, you become a favourite even when you cannot deliver on the track or and field.
Today, I can also reveal that two serving members of the Federation were accused by Vivian Chukwuemeka of demanding sex from her. Remember the case of the teenager who was so assaulted for saying no to the sexual demand from her ‘coach’ and because she could tell the ‘coach’ (a university drop-out and untrained coach) no, she was openly abused before other athletes the morning before her event in the world junior championship in France.
On return, the story slipped, it was investigated and rather than publish, I opted to seek that the matter was handled privately to nip the act in the bud. The Federation then attempted to set up a committee to undertake an internal trial of the athlete who they sent for and asked her and her coach to fund their way to Abuja with their evidences.
That was when I went public and the Federation withdrew their plan. As if that was not enough, the athlete in question intensified her training and in Calabar shortly before the qualifiers for the World junior, she returned a better time than ever, qualified for the World junior but her name disappeared from the merit list. Rather, her event was not picked. Eventually, they had problems with visa and could not travel.
Now, Chukwuemeka was alleged to have tested positive to drug, a second time, this was shortly before the London Olympics. She was, by the rules, banned for life. Ordinarily, she stands to lose nothing.
Can someone tell this reporter and the nation. When an athlete sets a national or continental record, it is trite that such athletes urine sample are tested before the records can be ratified.
Chukwuemeka in Port Novo (Benin Republic) during the African championship set a new Nigerian and African record. Her sample was taken but was not tested! Why was the sample not tested? Was the AFN deliberately working against her? Or is it that the officials who were in charge of testing the samples who were also involved in her earlier charges of demanding sex from her now paying her back?
What are the chances that the ‘stubborn’ athlete (I was borrowed in worse descriptions as an athlete. A principled athlete is always coded as stubborn) did not test positive in the said result that was used to hang her?
What are the chances that it was not a case of hanging a stubborn goat to call it a name it was suggested it has? This is an athlete that was just coming out of a drug ban, she returned, set two new records, common sense suggests she should be tested to earn the ratification of the record.
If her Port Novo sample was tested, what is the outcome? Calabar was just days away from the Port Novo championships, yet, the Calabar sample proved positive! If like Vivian Chukwuemeka, two others were sampled as positive, while Chukwuemeka was instantly dropped from the London Olympic squad, the other two were taken to London where one of the two was cleared. Why was Chukwuemeka not taken along to London? This underlines the theory of conspiracy.
Now tell me, if God were to always be just, the two cases of sexual assault proven here and how they were managed were to be the basis of prayers answered, if the two oppressed women pray against the Federation and the nation, would we ever make headways in anything? Would God not hear the prayer of the just? Millions other prayers will not and should not cancel that of the oppressed whose anguish and pain should emotional prick His heart to obliterate ours on the anvil of justice.

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