Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Amaju replied Omorodion:We don't have to fight, my brother

Sincerely, I wouldn't have bothered to respond to Patrick Omorodion vituperation but for the sake of educating this group of well respected journalists against the blatant falsehood or half truths being reeled out by Patrick. 
First, at almost 43 with a wife and 3 children and having graduated from the University 19 years ago, would Patrick call me a small boy? How old is the British PM, Deputy PM, Donald Duke when he was Gov et al. 
Second, in his imagination  Patrick said I called 13 years ago and requested ----. To say the least, I never called and if I needed anything printed in Vanguard I know who to meet. 
Every discerning mind knows that Patrick is an unrepentant hater of Delta State, even though he claims otherwise. So his journalistic assessment or views on Delta State are always biased. 
How can he opine that AYAC adjudged to be very successful both in Organisation and discovering of future athletes for Nigeria was put together for selfish reasons. What a shame. 7 of the 12 gold medals won where athletes that our Technical Directorate discovered in our periodic talent hunt programs. The two greatest teenage sensations right now in Nigeria, Divine Oduduru and Ese Brume are products of our youth programs. I will truly appreciate if I can invite this group of journalists to Delta State to see first hand our various programs and interact with the locals and they will find out why Delta State will always finish decently in any organized tournament. 
As Chairman of Delta FA, it is on record that we run the best State FA in Nigeria. All our programs are 100% private sector driven, having the longest sponsorship deal in the Country spanning 14 years. Quality capacity  building programs for Coaches and Referees etc. The high point of our achievement will be the Commissioning of our  ultra modern Football secretariat christened Patrick Okpomo Football House in August . The $1m project is 100% private sector driven. My 'big brother' Patrick Omorodion will be my special guest.
What has my consanguinity with Dr  Uduaghan has to do with my being in Govt. what is wrong with that. Am I not qualified having made a 2nd class upper, .2 shy of 1st class from the highly revered UNIBEN. Patrick should know that I went through the ranks from 1999 till date. From 2nd Vice Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, Chairman of the Delta FA, served also as SSA to Gov Ibori on Foreign Relations and now as Executive Chairman, DSSC. Meanwhile by His Grace, we have been running a very successful Marine and Offshore business for over 10 years and so the likes of Patrick should think otherwise if he feels my life is dependent on Govt.
On the Sunday MBA issue. I don't see anything wrong if money is the issue because all clubs like private businesses are out to make money or take advantage of situations as they unfold. Warri Wolves admittedly stopped his salary when he reported to Rangers camp in Oct without recourse to civility or approval from the club. Each club has its own internal disciplinary mechanism. Today Wolves have been vindicated. 
I never one day ran to Fanny Amu for anything ( he is around and can testify to that). We are friends and I will always be proud of our friendship. Unknown to Patrick, it was my father that nurtured,sponsored and mentored Patrick Okpomo from childhood to adulthood. Growing up, I never knew he was not a Pinnick so if I ran to him for anything, what was wrong with that,anything wrong in running to your elder brother. Till date, I maintain a very warm,close and robust relationship with his immediate family. 
If Patrick Omorodion is objective as he claims, why doesn't he see anything wrong in Patrick Ikeji, a man that his exit from office was celebrated in the highest heavens. A man that even his close friend and associate Adokiye Amasiemeka openly acknowledged not only his inadequacies but an abysmal failure in Sports Governance. We know  who the paymasters are.Patrick will be flabbergasted to learn about the depth of what we know. Stop throwing stones. 
Today, even in my absence, the festival has been thrown open, again we have been vindicated and let's wait and see the advantage of an open festival. 
Why won't they shout me down? Ikeji was in charge and the entire script was written by him. 
My dear brothers, honestly it is not my style to do a piece like this. It might sound offensive to some of you  who might perceive it differently but for the sake of posterity et al I decided to damn the consequence. 
As a Christain I have forgiven him and I expect him also to forgive me. We can be friends again. 

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