Saturday, September 25, 2010


Kikelomo Ajayi the Super Falcons former captain in the World Cup
Those who know and had followed the beautiful game of football in Nigeria call her 'small mama' with the big football boots. No doubt, Kikelomo Ajayi is a legend in Nigeria, having won five continental football titles. Today, yes, I can reveal she may NEVER play for the team that brought her to limelight again on account of the unveiling sex scandals in the female national teams.
This revelation is coming on the heels of reactions to my last blog posting where my investigations revealed how a grandfather, James Peters, was alleged to have been sleeping with the teenagers in his stead at the World u-17 football championships in Trinidad and Tobago.
An Abuja based women football coach who also plied her skills in the national team stormed my office and pleaded to talk on anonymity “for now” said, “are the coaches in the various national teams today the best available in the country?” In her own world, she replied, “definitely, no”.
I was approached to pick the job. Then, coach (James Peters) demanded I should sleep with him as part of the conditions for my taking the job. I objected and was promptly denied the job. I told him, “if I want to sleep with you, it will be because I want it not because I need the job. I would have loved to coach the national team having played there for years,” she said.
She added, can you investigate it. Kikelomo Ajayi, sebi you know her. She is a victim too. So long as JP remains there, she will never play for the national team. She rejected offers to be variously slept with and she was yanked out. She is far better than a lot of the girls in the team now. She is fit, experienced and in good form. As captain she has the luck. But since she won’t give out her private part she is out.!
Uche (the Super Falcons coach) had an unwritten instruction. Only the willing girls get shirts!” Please investigate my claims.
A telephone call was pulled to Kikelomo Ajayi who said without knowing the intentions of this reporter, “the selectors of the national team have their own reasons for not inviting me. All I know is that I am better than some of the players in the team now.”
Prodded if the sex demand on her is the issue for her being left out, she wryly said, “there were some big people in the football house that demanded sex from me and I politely told them no and I had been in the cold since then.” Asked to name the persons, she diplomatically said, “please, I want to be spared at this stage.”
Kikelomo Ajayi, the first daughter and second child in a family of six, it would be recalled began her romance with football in the Isolo area of Akure, the capital of the southwestern Nigerian state of Ondo. "My brother and I contributed the little pocket money my father used to give us to buy a ball for our little games in the street. We also got a small trophy that we made for the winner of the competition we used to play in. My team used to win this trophy most of the time and I was the only girl on either team!" she recalled in a file interview.

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