Thursday, August 2, 2012

Marathon lying in the Nigerian Olympic world

DG NSC, Dr Ekeji...lying before his eyes

An anonymous writer responded to my report titled: “Fooling Nigerians in the Olympic spirit” of Tuesday, 24th July, 2012 where he or she wrote, “Get your facts straight. Esther Obiekwe selflessly gives of her time and money to support youth running and develop distance running in Nigeria. She is a wonderful human being and the best of Nigeria. She was ASKED to participate as a NON QUALIFIED athlete (each federation can enter one non qualified athlete) as a means to develop youth female distance running. She was to pay her own way to London, 100% of the costs being borne privately. AFN did not pay a single naira for her to go. Why do you attack someone like this? Get your facts straight.”

Athletics will start and I insist that Esther Obiekwe will NOT compete. She is not registered, she is not accredited and she is not in the Games Village. Her name is not on the list.

Given the IAAF rules, the anonymous writer tried to misinform me and my avid readers with a jaundiced rule read and interpreted upside down. It is only nations who do not have athletes with the A or B standards who can present athletes.

Incidentally, three events are NOT allowed to present such athletes. These include Marathon, 10,000m or combine events.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports asserted that some Nigerian athletics officials have gotten some funds from Fidelity Bank Plc where Esther works with some promises that she will run in the Olympics. Now, she's not running. Where in the integrity of the Federation they have used for such a foolery.

Tomorrow, they will go on radio, papers and TV asking companies in the private sector to sponsor and fund sports. With these type of ugly corrupt attitude where will companies come to support our sports?



  1. Then who is fooling who.

  2. Seek deep more into this Olympic Team Nigeria, shocking stories would be revealed! I can beat my chest!!!