Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sins of Solomon Ogba's lap dog, Enefiok Udo-Obong‏

Enefiok Udo-Obong
I used to think that one of the few I can respect in the Ogba fold is Enefiok Udo-Obong because he is one of the very "rare breed" in that fold that finished school. Most of them are drop-outs. 
They claim to be coaches, ask, where were they so trained? They never finished school and pose as graduates of American universities. I can name them as I have done before. Association with base minds must have affected the quality of reasoning of Udo-Obong who descended so low both in reasoning, character and thought. Sad. Sickening and condemnable.
I reproduce Udo-Obong's facebook comment: 
"I will be very glad to come to your school and talk to your kids... I wrote a very inspring (sic) book about what it takes to succeed and I have been giving it to kids but many athletes do not want to read. 
In London, the book was wanted like hot suya..I did not even have enough copies for sale..they all wanted to learn from me and my experience. We must focus on developing the youth and teaching them what it means to represent Nigeria. Nowadays all the athletes think about is money money and more money. Also we have many half-baked US based athletes that in heart are not Nigerians competing for us. They are pampered and do not bother how we feel. Some do not even know where they come from or do not know what it means to struggle and succeed. This needs to stop. We need young athletes that are talented, determined and above all hungry for success. I will present a paper later this year on the way forward as we will hold a technical retreat for coaches, administrators and stake holders."
Udo-Obong needs to apologise to these wonderful citizens who he referred to as "half-baked". I feel disgusted at such uncharitable, indecent, uncultured, uncivilised and foolish glib choice of words.  Can someone help me ask the same Udo-Obong if he did as much as the same persons he referred to as "half-baked"? Some of these half-baked Nigerians won the Nigerian championships. 
So, they are superior to him comparatively. Did Udo-Obong ever won a national or African championship? In Sydney 2000 when he sneaked into the squad that delivered the 4x400m silver that matured to gold in London, he finished 5th in the national championship. Would he say the same leg he ran could not have been ran well by any other member of the team? Since then what has he done to add value to the sport? 
Which kids has he cloned to do better what he did? Is his book the provider of the next meal to the athletes? Since his boss, Ogba, employed drug couriers and drop-outs, what does he expect in the national team? So, these chaps in school who by structure are better than those minding them needs to be pampered.  In a nation where you are forced to run for Delta State before you can run for Nigeria, where monies given to programmes by the government is counted as personal loan to the athlete to prepare for Olympics (ask Adejoke Odumosu), why should the athletes not work for money, money and more money? That sums it up for now.


  1. Our citizens should know how to respect others.This is easier said than done.The 'Iam superior to you' syndrome. I have been in numerous 'frays' with Enefiok on account of his 'unusual positions' and disrespectful comments on our athletes and coaches.I don't usually run away from controversies and issues.Enefiok should apologise to these great patriots.Oft times bad manners and habit are contagious! This is unfortunate!

  2. One cannot definitely not take it away from Enefiok Obong whether he sneaked into the team or not but that not withstanding I believe, the shine of the medal has really gotten into his head and as he appears not to know where he is coming from. His utterances or write ups are sure uncalled for but.... may be he does not know any better. To me he appears as a bloody opportunist who is trying to make the best of the present situation he suddenly finds himself. We know where his likes ends up in, it is just a matter of time. I hope his godfathers and his likes would be put in the dustbin for the good of this nation pretty soon.


  3. For someone that have a small stint at the nigerian national team and was lucky to be paired with 3 of the best and powerful Nigerian quartermilers (Clement, Jude and late SB)which produces Gold at the mile relay in Sidney 2000, Enefiok's mouth seems to be running faster that any race that he had ever ran. For real though, No one want to pull this Enefiok dude down, he's doing a good job for himself by making comments that is exposing him for who he is.. "Over-sabi wey no sabi much" he's totally overrated.....

  4. This Enefiok of a guy is a looser and good for nothing son of a gun. He claimed to be a doctor of which he lied,he's doing what he knows best running his mouth.He's really Ogba's lap dog and toilet paper.As good as he claimed he was,how come he never won and individual medal?That question is meant for the reporter to answer.

  5. Hey..Enefiok was 4th in that trials...Clement was 6th..Enefiok qualified by right not chance as the ONLY homebased athlete in the group. Also the comment on face book was criticizing Ogba..not being his lap dog and the half baked he referred to never had anything to do with education...he most reffered to people like Amaechi morton who never puts his heart out for Nigeria...I think you should get your fact right before publishing

  6. Yeye people thus write up strikes me like one really bitter hater of Enefiok.
    Get your facts right he won national retrials in his short stint in Nigerian sport. His done very well for himself and should be appreciated.
    Enefiok went to medical school and is a graduate of human anatomy, he will never claim to be a medical doctor, I have listened to most his interviews and his always on point . For your information Enefiok is the son of Nigerians first soil science professor in the country.