Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why did witches and wizards not stop Usain Bolt?

I had been asking if God has anything to do with a lazy man who when others were tilling the ground, hoeing, planting and adding fertilizer to the grounds was busy sleeping and drinking his tombo. And when it was harvest time was praying and fasting. His relations and friends who tried to find out why. He blamed his ‘enemies, witches and wizards who have stunted his progress.’
Hah! These enemies had affected the physical from the spiritual. They stopped the queen of Nigerian tracks (with her loud mouth abusing her coach and Nigerian journalists) from winning a gold medal in London. They caused the cramp.
Thanks to Mrs. Udoh for playing the ‘Basket mouth’ (the comedian) with a sweet relief of a kind to the expected London 2012 tragedy.

Witches, Wizards stopped Blessing from shining
By Tony Ubani in London

Nigerians in Diaspora are yet to come to terms with the shocking display of speedster, Blessing Okagbare that some have blamed spiritual forces for her disappointing race. Blessing placed 8th in a pack of high-profile athletes, some she had beaten before.
Mother of one of Team Nigeria’s athlete, Mrs Glory Udoh who came to the Olympic Village yesterday said that it was so glaring that spiritual forces were against the Nigerian. ‘’We wept openly yesterday. You could see her struggling to get off the block. But they have failed, because God has taken supremacy and control of Team Nigeria’s activities. Her name is a blessing, and God has blessed her that no evil forces will stand on the way of the team, again.
Mrs Udoh who flew all the way from Houston to London to be with her daughter said that Team Nigeria will surprise many in their remaining events. ‘’God has opened the floodgates for His children to arise and shine. Team Nigeria shall move and nothing will stand on their way again’’, she preached.

Real witches in Liu Xiang’s case
For the second straight Olympics, Liu Xiang’s Games ended before he could even complete a qualifying heat.
The Olympics record holder in the men's 110-meter hurdles injured himself while warming up for his first race at the Beijing Games, where he was expected to defend his Olympic title from Athens. On Tuesday, the Chinese star hit the first hurdle, crashed to the ground and laid there while Great Britain's Andrew Turner won the last of six heats.
Liu suffered an apparent right-leg injury and limped toward the Olympic Stadium tunnel. He then turned around and hopped on his left leg down the track to the finish line, where his fellow hurdlers came to meet him. Some embraced him before carrying him off the track.
Liu won gold in Athens with an Olympic record time of 12.91. He entered Tuesday's qualifying as one of only three hurdlers with season bests under-13 seconds. This is the real witch-infected athlete.

Why has God deserted Evangelist Ogba?
Despite going to Israel to seek His face
Please some one should explain to me why God in His infinite mercy has refused the Nigerian athletics team an Evangelist, born-again President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Solomon Ogba handed over to Him.
Ogba...deserted by God?
Had God worked in INEC, the Olympic results would have been different. Some of the real winners who are now celebrating would have recovered some in court and lose majority.
It is because God rejected the prayer of the Evangelist that made witches and wizards have a field day to deny Nigeria a medal, even wood.
Did you read the prophecy of one of the friends of the Evangelist when he said the truth without knowing it? One thing is to pray, another is to do the right thing for who does the wrong thing and relies on God to right his wrongs may not be blessed at the expense of those who have done the right thing,”

The Vanguard newspaper of 20th July, 2012 reported by my brother, Onochie Anibeze had this:
About 50 percent of the Nigerian delegation to the London Olympics will be from track and field. Athletics offers Nigeria the brightest prospect of medals and the man who pilots the affairs of this sport, Solomon Ogba, has been in the holy land of Israel for four days now to pray for Nigeria’s success.
To him, prayers are part of the preparation. Ogba has committed so much to the preparation of the athletes, raising funds where the National Sports Commission failed and sometimes motivating athletes from his personal purse. DeltaState, where he served as commissioner for sports for eight years, has been handy in many ways.
If Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan was not approving training grants for athletes of Delta origin, he was hosting some sports events meant to prepare the athletes.
And having gone through the rigours of preparations in spite of the disappointments from the Federal Government, Ogba felt that the best step now was to hand over Nigeria’s team to God.
“Ogba has gone to pray for Nigeria’s success. He went from London after watching Blessing Okagbare beat the best in the world at the Crystal Palace Samsung Diamond League,” said a member of the Athletics Federation.
He has repeatedly said that God would complement his efforts and those of the athletes.
Ogba formally became an Evangelist three years ago, about two years after declaring that he was a born-again Christian.
“One thing is to pray, another is to do the right thing for who does the wrong thing and relies on God to right his wrongs may not be blessed at the expense of those who have done the right thing,” said one Nigerian sports official who commended the efforts of Ogba but regretted that the National Sports Commission did not adequately help the Athletics Federation in their preparation. That has become a tradition in Nigeria.


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