Thursday, October 4, 2012

The cheating dingy darkness

FIFA has to honour this wonderful Nigerian, the captain of the U-17 national team, Victoria Aidelomo. This is in view of the respected view of a friend of this blog, he simply identified himself as Balinga.
Will Blatter's FIFA wash their hands off this scam?
He wrote: “I don't see any proof one way or the other. Nigerian athletes especially kids find their way online posing as adults to attract scholarships from US and Europe because in those countries these kids can't be communicated with directly (legally). Secondly some of them poses as adult to attract money (419) and thirdly, I have a fifteen year girl in Law School right now in Nigeria at this moment and her older sister will graduate school of Pharmacy later this year and she is 18.
Truthfully, we need to thread carefully on this topic because we could just be destroying innocent children lives and before we know it the nation as well. Its interesting circumstancial evidence though and those of us in legal profession will tell you, nothing bites so far (in essence a toothless barking dog) and may be devastating.
Our friends who live in the Glass House claim the report is a “wicked rumour” (just as they described Adokiye Amasiemaka’s expose on Fortune Chukwudi).
Can we do a little but simple arithmetic. Victoria is senior to Esther who is senior to Blessing. Blessing is a 2010 graduate of the Caritas University, Enugu. If Victoria is captain of the U-17 national team, the logic is, she can be 17. (Her record with FIFA is 11th December 1995. That means, she is 17 years of age)
The same Victoria (assuming she did a typographic error in writing on her facebook page that she is 19), we shall also re-assume she is 17. We shall also assume her parents had the three girls in one year intervals. Blessing must this year be 15. This tallies with Balinga’s Law School girl.
That means, Blessing graduated at Caritas at 13 years! Assuming she did four years in the University, she entered the University at age nine. She would have done at least, five of the mandatory six years in secondary school. Meaning she entered school at four years.
This is given that she did not attend primary school. If Blessing’s record stands at this, her elder sisters must be geniuses!
Where stands the logic of the traducers of truth?


  1. Pat Omorodion, Vanguard, Lagos-NigeriaOctober 4, 2012 at 4:24 PM

    Jide, why bother yourself about a faceless Balinga, a white liar. If his daughters are that bright to have graduated at such early ages, I wonder why none of them won awards from their respective schools. We all have sisters and know how the African child grows. We see these female footballers play at the National Stadium in Lagos for several years before they even make it to the national teams, so they can keep deceiving themselves about their ages. Some members of the Flamingoes have played this competition twice and yet say they are under 17. I can bet my life that no 15 year old Nigerian girl can shoot a FIFA standard ball from one end of the field to the other like these girls do now. I don't like to talk about our players ages because football is their only source of survival in these hard times, some of them are bread winners for their families. That is why I keep quiet. FIFA knows but just turn blind eyes, hence they no longer worry why we don't do well at the senior level, male or female, anymore. God bless

  2. Harrison, Lagos Island, Lagos-Nigeria.October 4, 2012 at 4:28 PM

    oh oh. This age cheat scandal on Victoria Aidelomo is becoming interesting. Balinga has succeeded in putting up a weak defence on behalf of his paymasters.
    Like Patrick said, Jide should not have bothered replying him.
    The facts you have presented are clear enough for the discernible to understand that the NFF which helped them to lie did not cover their tracks well.
    What a shame.

  3. @pat and @Jide Balinga is not faceless white liar. Balinga is nickname only true athletes know me by. Yes Dr. Balogun is the people got to do more than cut and paste nonexisting facebook info. Secondly I can create fb for anyone in streets of Lagos with any false info. Thirdly did family of the girl tell you that they have three children or you just assume foolish website falsehoods.. Yes people got right to know truth but journalists have ethical obligations to present full picture not one side. Am for full support of any athlete whether or not they did wrong and believe me if they did wrong I will shout. Mr Fashiku made allegations and he has such right so also the athlete right to defend herself. If you don't agree go and bury yourself. It is disservice not to support allegationwith facts.. Pat I understand that you have clear conscience and I ask that you go to the girl family and inquiries before rushing to faceless online writings Mr Fashiku brought to our attention. And by doing so your conscience will be cleared. @Mr. Fashiku keep the reporting coming but you need to caution readers like Pat that this is not complete picture. On another why Pat kept quite at the Olympics?

  4. @ omorodion Am not finish with you yet. My children winning academic awards is not your concern and if you like to go there I will deal with your children as well in this medium. If you don't know me go and ask your chief editor or owners of your newspaper.

  5. Ken Ochonogor, Channels TV, Lagos.October 15, 2012 at 4:03 PM

    Did you play football with your real age or the age in your passport? Ordinarily, your real age should not be different with the age on your passport, but when Mamadou Gaye threw this question at Peterside in last week's edition of Soccer Africa on DSTV, his answer was that he will show them his passport to show his age. He could have simply said YES, but again, we realise that Idah Peterside is an ordained pastor, and may not wish to tell a lie if the truth is to the contrary! Segun Odegbami, Adokiye Amiesimaka, Olajide Fashikun and China Acheru have all been vilified because of their crusade to stamp out age cheating in Nigerian sports. But, those of us following the fall from grace to grass of Lance Armstrong, do know that, a day may come when this shameful and criminal activities of our lazy sports officials would drag the name of this great country into the mud!! It doesn't matter when the crime was committed, when the time comes we must all answer for our actions. Pastor Peterside played for Nigeria as a goalkeeper at both the youth and senior levels but he never anticipated that in a live program where he is an analyst, that any of his co-analysts would ask him a question he could not answer before the whole world. A word is enough for the wise!!!