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Minister, NFF behind arrest of Jalla - Tenebe

Tenebe at the interview yesterday

*League IMC to face legality status suit
*It is now violence for violence to save Nigerian football
With the recent arrest and detention of Harrison Jalla, President of the National Association of Nigerian Footballers (NANF), the Chairman of the Interim Committee of Nigeria Football Association (NFA), Jarrett Tenebe, spoke to what to expect as a result. It is hot, sizzling and revealing. Enjoy the interview unedited.

Compliments of the season and how was your break?
I am angry. I do not see justice in this land and any nation of the world where injustice, treachery, lying and thieving permeates like this will die in the face of either keeping quiet or not acting in a jankara way. We have been invited officially now to take arms and war and we shall war.
I am confused sir.
What are you confused of? What? Are you no more a journalist? Have the Maigari people bought you too? Are you not aware that Harrison Jalla was packaged, arrested and detained since 28th December courtesy of the illegal Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)? I had to cut short my Christmas holidays and rushed back to the country.
I mean the issue of war.
Okay, let me explain it this way. We all know that the current set of people in the Glass House on Obasanjo Way are illegal. They have been declared so by two separate Federal High Courts in Lagos and Abuja.
We are people with decency. The judicial system is a slow but sure path. We went to court to pursue our matter. Justice Abang ruled that the election that purportedly brought the Aminu Maigari board is illegal, null and void and should not be seen as having taken place. He went on to say they should not parade themselves as such.
The NFF people slept on their rights. That judgment was not vacated. It is a part of the laws of the land. By that judgment, they do not exist again in the eyes of the law.
We wrote the President demanding for enforcement. At least, the Jonathan administration claims its mantra is Rule of Law. The President wrote the Inspector General of Police to carry out the order. Why has the IGP not carried out the President’s order. Because he is a northerner like Maigari?
Two, Dr. Sam Sam Jaja went to the Federal High Court in Abuja. Justice Donatus Okorowo ruled in its judgment that the NFF and the NPL are non-juristic persons. The court ordered the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to wind the two bodies up because they cannot sue nor be sued.
Foolish people. Like the first one, they did a parlour settlement, slept on their rights of appeal and is now statute barred. That judgment became a part of the laws of the land.
Where is the legality of the continued existence of the NFF? Someone needs to educate me. If at all, they are not known to our laws. Such an illegal body is using the Police to arrest a Nigerian with all rights of a citizen. That is why in the first instance, we have sued for N500m.
Why did you think the NFF did this?
When an illegitimate child has not been told the story of his birth, he will not reason with pleas not to contest kingship of the community. They think they are now safe. The fact that we continue to pursue all our fights with non-violence in the courts and with letters makes them think they can do and undo. That phase is over.
We shall employ the use of extreme violence to resolve the issues hence. The minister of sports, Bolaji Abdullahi, is backing them that is why they bribed him to dump the Dominic Oneya panel report. I am sure he is a party to the arrest of Jalla. That is why he overruled the Attorney General’s directive not to fund a body unknown to our laws? That is why he used his office to overrule the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that valid court orders be not implemented. That is why he has to go. Before he goes, he must give account of all monies spent under his administration. We shall open up on so many things concerning him.
They will get the real measures. We shall employ all manners of known means of violence to meet with the agitation of reforming football. The Bible said, even the kingdom of God suffereth violence.
With this latest development, given how far we have gone with doing things legitimately and the illegal body is harassing us with police, please tell the Police and the people in government, they will have more people to arrest. The lion’s tail has been bitten by a rat and it is war time. As soon as they come back from the Nations Cup, if they know they are real, let them come to the secretariat. Blood will flow, I promise you. 
With the changes in the League. Are we sailing home?
You mean the Nduka Irabor committee?
The minister at a point was talking to us. We felt we should give him a chance until we suddenly discovered he was in bed with the illegal NFF trying to legitimize what courts had declared illegal.  He is not straight. We shall take the battle to him too.
How can a body declared illegal inaugurate an Interim Management Committee for the league? That is one. Two, the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) is declared illegal by a court. What has been done to rectify that status?
Had the minister done the inauguration of the committee, he would have been covered by some legal instruments especially the NFA Act as amended.
With the new twists in the house, we shall proceed immediately to stop the Nduka Irabor committee from operating. They are a creation of illegalities. The plank they are standing on is weak and so they cannot stand.
I have briefed the lawyers. We shall give them all manners of troubles back. We shall initiate contempt of court proceedings against the IGP and the illegal NFF both in the Lagos and Abuja courts.
We shall drag the CAC to court for not implementing the orders of court to wind up the NFF and the NPL. It is both the violent and the non-violent moves we shall employ.
Are you aware that these same NFF people had compiled sometimes ago a list of 11 people that were to be eliminated because of football? I will have to in a matter of days search my house and bring up the list and make it public.
I want to keep my many other thoughts and plans down. The nation will see what they have never seen in football here. it’s a promise. This is the year to redeem our football. These violent steps the NFF applied for will quicken the redemption. So, pray God to help the strongest.  

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