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Why we organized arrest, detention of Harrison Jalla - NFF

Maigari...stoking new fires for trouble
The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) which has been declared illegal by two separate courts of the land has explained why she organised and used the Police to arrest and detain Mr. Harrison Jalla, the President of the National Association of Nigerian Footballers (NANF) since 28th December, 2012. He is still in their detention.
The NFF has a rich tradition of employing the services of the Nigeria Police as an instrument of trying to cow down anyone or group of people who stand in opposition to their illegal status. They have used the Police on 3rd November 2011 to invade The National Accord newspaper due to its vociferous publications of secrets they do not want.
The issue now is, if as they have claimed, Jalla is claiming headship of an institution that does not exist, was the organization incorporated? When has it become the job of the Police to interfere, arrest and detain someone on a matter that is civil.
Yet, the same NFF in view of the two court judgements cannot sue nor be sued in any court in the land since they are non-juristic. Is this not the same Police that overruled the directive of the President, Goodluck Jonathan, to carry out the valid orders of the court?
Is this not the same NFF that the Federal High Court, Abuja ordered should be wound up by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) because it is non juristic?
What a land of illegalities and lawlessness Nigeria has become?

Read the full text of the NFF press release:
Nigeria Police moves detained Jalla to Lagos
Players’ Union outcast Harrison Jalla, who has been in detention in Abuja since Friday, 28th December, 2012 has finally been moved to Lagos by the Nigeria Police for further interrogation and investigation.
Jalla, who illegally continues to claim to be the Chairman of a
so-called National Association of Nigerian Footballers, was arrested at a Federal High Court, Abuja on 28th December and has been in custody of the Nigeria Police since then.
On Friday, 4th January, 2013, the Police moved the fellow from the Federal Capital, Abuja to Lagos as he countenanced tougher days ahead in custody.
It would be recalled that Jalla’s NANF was officially expelled from the world players’ union, FIFPro in November 2008, during the latter’s Annual Congress in Chile. This fact was confirmed to the Nigeria Football Federation via a letter signed by Stephane Burchkailer, General Secretary of the Division Africa of FIFPro, on 20th February, 2009.
Jalla had been declared wanted by the Office of the Commissioner of Police, Special Fraud Unit, Ikoyi-Lagos last year, and with the
authority of the Inspector-General of Police. A warrant of arrest was duly obtained from Magistrate Court in Lagos State.
A principal stakeholder in Nigeria football, who did not want his name in print, said on Friday: “It is good that Jalla has been arrested. He has constituted himself into a nuisance despite having no base or legitimacy, and has projected himself for many years as an enemy of peace. He should be severely dealt with.”

Ademola Olajire
Assistant Director (Media)
Nigeria Football Federation
(Number 1155)

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