Saturday, March 30, 2013

Elections: How Minister congratulated Ogba for second term victory

This Kenyan girl ran against her mother's age mates in Warri
My dear Sports Minister, I forsee you helping Nigeria’s sports into the innermost part of hell. We are at the periphery of hell presently.
I sympathise with you as a politician. Every politician in public office is just there to collect their retirement benefits and share of the national cake. This is very true of the sports ministers who had passed this col since 1999 except for Late Ishaya Mark Aku and Abdulrahman Gimba.
While of the 12 ministers before you, none had prepared the ground for a more monumental failure of the system like you, it is obvious that eight to 12 years after you would have left office (whenever you leave) we shall continue to nurse the scab of the injuries your decisions would have left.
Football: You have grossly helped our football to continue to die. You decided to politically solve the problems of our football. Today, the NFF remains illegal. You wanted them to become NFA when they swore to an affidavit with which they got a judgment that they are not NFA.
Two, you have told the Attorney General of the Federation, Mohammed Adoke (SAN) that he is so stupid as his directives have no meaning to your activities. Lest he wrote you on the 2nd June 2011 not to give any Appropriated fund to the NFF because they are not known to law. You contravened his directive, gave out Appropriated funds, and admitted it publicly.
Three, you tried to legalise the NFF becoming NFA after fraudulently lying to a court by making the NFF President sign incorporation papers of the League Management Company (LMC) as “NFA President” which he is not.
Four, see how the Senate courtesy of your ministry is making of a foolery of our institution? How can the senate be repealing NFA Act to make room for NFF and the NFF President tells them, we are moving back to the former house called NFA? So, the senate is a toy house that does not know what they are doing?
Five, let me congratulate you with the accidental discharge which the African Nations Cup won in South Africa represents. Does your ministry have a team for it to have spent N220m on items of expenditure that the NFF is spending too? Does it mean that the issue of collecting retirement benefits and taking your share of the cake is right?
I hope you are not getting peeved? Please ask for the tape of the NTA Tuesday Night Live on the 13th February 2013, as the 13th sports minister, in his 13th minute contribution, Hon. Godfrey Gaiya, chairman, sports committee, House of Representatives told the nation clearly about this.
Athletics: I read with grace your Warri comments of commendation to the biggest fraud and administration that has ever and probably, can ever rule Nigeria’s athletics.
First, Mr. Minister, you are aware that the salaries of the AFN Secretary is paid by the IAAF. Yet, she is your ministry’s staff. Yet, you pay monthly. Is this financially right? The Ghanaian equivalent was investigated, found out, prosecuted and jailed.
Two, if in the last four years, it is an official policy to use grand parents as cadets in our athletics does not embarrass you, you were in Warri. Did you not see my age mates in Nigeria’s colours? Haba! Minister, did you not see this young Kenyan on the tracks? Are there no equivalents in Nigeria?
Three, in our reports on we raised and proved four cases of over aged athletes. We did the same in 2011. Does it prick your heart to ask questions?
Four, we raised the issue of sexual harassment by ‘coaches’ that is what Mr. Ogba called them. Nothing has been done to verify or act against this. I can conclude hence that any female athlete that wants or is competing for Nigeria must have been sexually battered by the ‘coaches.’ I need to be proven wrong.
Five, while you rhetorically preach against drug use by athletes, your greatest models are in three categories:
1.            Former athlete known even by IAAF as a drug courier because he has been severally named as the source of many of the athletes banned is in your national team;
2.            All your national team ‘coaches’ are not trained coaches. I make bold to say none of them is a graduate of any university norof any course. So they will teach the athletes (they are not young) to become drop-outs like them. The trained coaches because of their principles have been shut out in the rain because they will not open their laps to be slept with (despite that they are married) neither will the males among them because they will not kiss leprous legs of current administrators;
3.            Former athletes who had been caught for drugs, banned and remain banned. Thought you will recommend to Mr. President to grant them “Full pardon” to enable them compete into the federation and teach our young ones how to take drugs.
These heroes and heroines of the National Sports Commission (including my friend, Yusuf Ali) who stole the generator of the NSC once, are the once telling Nigerians that Solomon Ogba deserves a second term.
Candidly, from the innermost part of arrangements (guidelines), have you and your staff not closed the door against any opponent of Ogba? Ogba is PDP like the minister, who dares ask Ogba not to contest or win? He has even won before the selection! Congratulations jare, Mr. Solomon Ogba. Carry go jo.
As I was watching the pparty where the celebration of Ogba’s second term was going on in Warri, the new AFN secretariat (Abuja is the liaison office), I saw the sports minister, Bolaji Abdullahi leading the toast to the new Tsar’s re-election. I suddenly woke up and found a pen in my hand with the paper carrying, “My dear sports minister”

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