Sunday, March 31, 2013

Onyali: Nigeria is used to fake kits so why the new noise?

Onyali...wetin happen now? Talk o!
*What happened to the Nike contract
No training shoes for athletes in the London Olympics.  Why is Mary Onyali being ‘prosecuted’ now? Of all places, Vanguard, the official propaganda newspaper of the AFN was the spearheading agency of the reportage. Has she been used and now needs to be dumped so the lapdog is made to do the dirty job of reporting the grounds.
Let us start from somewhere. Who supplied the kits that Team Nigerian used at the African championship in Port Novo? Were those kits not fake? If Onyali supplied fake kits, was there no precedence? What is immoral in Mary’s? that she is serving on the LOC of AYAC. There is a greater immorality, economic and financial crime in the supply for Port Novo then
Can someone ask, why was the Nike contract spurned? What happened to the Nike contract? Team Nigeria should never have anything to do with any other kit that is not Nike. It is a fact that the Nike contract has to be jettisoned otherwise those who use it to get some other advantages won’t have the instrument of coercion in their hands to get the advantage they use to get.
It is obvious that the quality and quantity of scandals in the Federation is larger than life. No wonder, everything must be done to help Ogba return for a second term. He failed his first term and the most logical reason, like in school, is to repeat the class.
Already, a source called me this afternoon and said, “you can write all the trash in the whole world. We have gotten confidence of the powers that be (referring to the National Sports Commission) so, the media will not be the voter. Once that is settled, you will have enough to write for another four years.”
Whatever, the issue of Onyali is obvious. She has gotten her share of the Warri largesse worth N6.2million. That is if that is the real value she was paid. She must have kicked-back and front-kicked such that what is left is not worth the strain and therefore, she went for the quality that what she was paid could bear.
This is what someone in the federation said may have informed Onyali’s supply mathematics. In the face of these, is the NSC not asking question, why must we expend money on kits when we have a standing contract with Nike?

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