Friday, March 1, 2013

Who should be asking for apology? NSC or Pilot newspaper?

Chief Ekeji, NSC early are you entering court?
Let him who has not sinned cast the first stone. Is the NSC claiming that the report by Pilot newspaper not wholly true or that there were no iota if truth therein?
One thing is, the NSC legal department’s budget for going to court would have been tremenduously increased. There are going to be about 1,000 legal suits before the end of the year certainly.
Is the NSC going to be suing for libel and defamation of character? When did the NSC ceased being a government agency? When has the NSC started to pretend to be above board in matter of financial probity?
Why did the same NSC not respond to the allegation of N650m double budgeting in the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN)? Is the NSC denying she is not aware that the salaries of the Secretary General of the AFN is paid for by the IAAF? Yet, the Nigerian government is paying same? So who is taking one half and denying the Nigerian government and tax payer the other half.
Of all IAAF-organised championships, where monies are so paid for by the IAAF and yet, the same monies are taken from the Nigerian government, where is the half of these monies disappearing to?
Days after the illegal Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) banned two journalists from covering her activities, the NSC too has taken the cue to be anti-media, struggling so hard to muscle the media from exposing the truth, with threats of legal suits?
Please ask, which NSC are we talking about here? The one that is non-juristic in the eye of the Nigerian law? As there is no law establishing the NSC anywhere. Okay, if it is the Ministry of sports and not the NSC, can we then ask, are they asking why Dr. Amos Adamu lost his suit against TheGuardian and OLukayode Thomas?
Okay, let us assume they own and have the rights to sue, what efforts have they always made to be transparent and avoid rumours flying left, right and centre? This is an institution if you have stories to confirm, they will start running helter-skelter not willing to provide you information and as a journalist, you have a duty to inform the public.
Now, the information the NSC gave out in their press release is at variance with the information released by Hon Godfrey Gaiya, chairman, House of Representatives committee on Sports on Nigeria Television Authority’s Tuesday Night Life about how much was released and how it was so spent.
Is the NSC or the Ministry of Sports confirming that the letter of the Attorney General of the Federation, Mohammed Adoke (SAN) dated 2nd June 2011 ordering that no money appropriated by the National Assembly be given to the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) because the latter is unknown to Nigerian law a farce?
Methinks, it is Pilot Newspaper that should be suing the NSC or and the Ministry of Sports for deliberately mismanaging the entire sum that was given to the NFF in contravention of the orders of the AGF, the nation’s chief law officer. It is Pilot newspaper that should be asking the NSC and the officer who released the money to recoup the money and pay back into public till for giving money to an agency that two courts of the land had ruled in judgments, which are now part of our law, against all the provisions of the civil service and financial management.
I siddon dey look o!

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