Friday, April 12, 2013

Can the NFF wish away the truth spoken by Irabor?

Nduka Irabor...frank to a fault

Hon Nduka Irabor remains one person that for years has remained personally to me a hero. He had the option to opt out of the truth as an Editor during the military. Himself and his colleague, Tunde Thompson. They stood by the truth, ethics of journalism and faced the consequences of being jailed for six months.
I’m sure many younger generation of Nigerians wont know this story. The man is a hard stickler for the truth. He is always frank. I am sure the man can carry a placard against himself if he is to repeat what is true.
Ironically, many of the sports Editors in Nigeria today heard of him but probably never crossed him. As a parliamentarian, he was so feared by his colleagues because the man will tell you the truth, an anathema to a Nigerian politician.
NFF is illegal. Period. When he appeared before the conglomeration of Sports Writers at the National Stadium media centre in Abuja and the man in his usual frankness said, “the illegality of the NPL and the NFF led us to register a legal identity, LMC, from where we can do legal business with corporate entities.” He cited justice Donatus Okorowa’s judgment.
Pro-NFF journalists were not comfortable. They were in the majority. To them, the man has committed sacrilege. How dare he say such dirty things against the agency that employed him. I think many forgot that Irabor is comfortable with saying the truth, throwing your LMC job back at you and going to do his business. He doesn’t need the LMC job. He is not an applicant nor is he an almacirji (almajiri).
Is Irabor not right?: Why did the NFF not appeal the judgment in court? Having slept on their rights (if there are any), they have made that judgment a part of the existing laws of the land.
(2)     For the Senate like the House of Representatives, they have eaten of the forbidden fruit and have to turn morality and conscience upside down in their bids to repeal the NFA Act and create the law for the NFF. Woe bestride those who do things for the lucre of the porridge and not national interest;
You are fools, Maigari tells Senate: The Senate is struggling hard to ensure it shows its foolishness trying to repeal the NFA Act. This is within their prerogative. Days after publicly setting the second reading. Aminu Maigari of the NFF in a manner to show the great stupidity of the Senate signed the LMC incorporation papers with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as “NFA President.”
We are vandals, Maigari admits: To show that a man without principles is a vandal. Maigari’s NFF swore to an Affidavit before Justice Okon Abang that the NFF is no more NFA. That the NFF is a private organization. That Appropriated funds from the government is a grant which she is not bound to account for.
Weeks later, having forgotten to have sworn such, in a bid to wriggle out of the quagmire, swore to another affidavit in the same court, without any matter before any court, that the NFF is the same as the NFA.
AGF Mohammed Adoke is useless, clueless-Maigari: In his letter of 2nd June 2010 the office of the Attorney General of the Federation led by Mohammed Adoke (SAN) wrote the National Sports Commission (NSC) instructing that under no circumstance should the NSC give the NFF any Appropriated funds. He warned that anyone who does so takes a risk.
The NSC in responding to a piece of truth published by the Nigerian Pilot newspaper to have taken N220m of the funds for the Nations Cup went on to admit giving the NFF all the money in question.
The import? The AGF doesn’t know what he is doing in office. His instructions are meant for the worth of the paper he wrote it. It is useless lest it has no impact nor import. It is clueless despite the admittance he could not effect any punitive measure. NFF is greater than them put together.
If Atang is wrong, is Okorowo wrong: Two Federal High Court ruled that the NFF is illegal, void and of no consequence. Justice Abang said, do not parade yourselves to have been elected anywhere in Nigeria. He instructed the IGP to bring them to hi court if they do.
In a separate matter, Justice Okorowo ruled that the NFF is illegal and should be wound up by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
Illiterates and sciolism: In the first matter before Justice Abang, the NFF ran to Dr. Amos Adamu who brokered peace with Harrison Jalla-led NANF. A peace agreement in writing and signed by many parties including Dr. Rafiu Ladipo was reached. The NFF spurned it days after securing office. So, they refused to vacate that judgment forgetting that their peace agreement wont wish the judgment away.
When the Okorowo judgment came. They got Mr. Bolaji Abdullahi to cause a peace parley with Dr. Sam Sam Jaja. A peace truce was announced. They refused to vacate the judgment forgetting that the peace arrangement won’t obliterate the judgment.
In their stupid illiterate world, twice they are wishing away court judgment with a peace parley which twice they had no honour to meet the terms of the peace processes. That makes them sciolists who never learnt from history and forgot nothing to history.
M. D. Abubakar compromised: Mohammed Dikko Abubakar, the Inspector General of Police is a football person. He served in Bauchi as AIG. Himself and Maigari have links. That is why he spurned President Goodluck Jonathan’s orders to implement the valid orders of court on the NFF until such orders are vacated in competent courts.
Instead, he received the NFF twice in courtesy calls. As a bribe, they have to take the African Nations Cup (which they never worked for) to him. After the visit, the NFF boasts to anyone who wants to hear that “the IGP is our man, we have his assurances.” Implication? The IGP has compromised the oath he swore to uphold the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria without affection.
Irabor’s voice of noise: Why a man who is supposed to have been inaugurated by the NFF will say at the roof top that the NFF is illegal remains a sin. Thus, he constitutes noise. Suddenly, the NFF remembered that the club owners are the Congress of the league. I gathered the NFF is stoking the removal of Irabor and ‘his useless’ LMC by the Congress. This will come in days, they openly boasted last week.
If Irabor’s LMC is sacked and swept away by the Congress of the NPL (or is it NPFL?) which the Congress has the powers to do, does it stop the NFF or the NPL from being illegal?
Dominic Oneya report: That is spiting the minister of Sports, Bolaji Abdullahi. It was him who ran the concept of taking Nigerian football to the height it deserves to be with the Interim Management Committee led by Nduka Irabor that transmuted to LMC.   
Abdullahi had the option to have just implemented the Dominic Oneya committee report which he spurned. That report would have made Maigari’s illegal NFF history and corrected all the ills of the system. Abdullahi bought life for the illegal NFF and today, the NFF is becoming a gnome in his hands while the woes of football in Nigeria extends. Which way leads to the exeunt please?


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