Monday, April 15, 2013

How members united against NFF in Akpabio largesse

Aminu Maigari, NFF President

I can reveal with authority and further facts that there are more hungry people who live on the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for survival than what they can do to turn the misfortunes of Nigerian football around.
After the Super Eagles played Kenya in Calabar at the World Cup qualifiers, it was part of the plans to raise money for the NFF by visiting the sports-crazy and addict, Akwa-Ibom state governor, Godswill Obot Akpabio.
The reasoning was that the governor whose citizen, goalkeeper …is a member of the African Nations Cup squad will want to use the opportunity to honour his own. The calculation paid off handsomely for all parties including the NFF itself.
The players of the team got theirs including the coaches. The governor initially announced a N10m donation to the NFF. After a brief consultation, the governor was approached to change the cheque in the name of the NFF to that of Aminu Maigari, the NFF President, which was obliged them.
So, the question is, did the money Maigari collected remitted to the NFF accounts? No. till this moment, that money is not in the NFF account. Yet, the money has been cleared and shared by the Board members!
God bless Nigeria. Please can someone ask again, the $8million the Super Eagles earned as a result of their 2010 World Cup outing, is it in the NFF account? No. it never reflected in any of the organisation’s illegal accounts.
It was paid into a private account from where it was spent. Now, the question also hangs, who audits the accounts of the NFF, a public organization.
Though, following the affidavit sworn to before Justice Okon Abang, the NFF is a private organization. Though, not created by law neither was it incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
Is it not likely that most of the monies they keep raising in the name of the NFF are being cleared through private accounts and shared by the board members? So, how can an NFF (despite its current illegal status) with a brand value in excess of N1.8billion per annum broke? Yet, she has a Super Eagles brand whose value from the N2.1billion before the Nations Cup would have had a higher market value. How come the NFF is broke? It is politics. Stay cued here till tomorrow. You will have the refreshing details delivered to you.

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  1. All of them should be in hell and why did the Governor make the check to Maigari's name?