Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LMC vs. Club Owners: We have passed this path before now

Baribote...sacked by congress but replace by NFF

In 2002, we had a similar route to the attempts to develop our football. We wrote FIFA asking for clarification. The organisation replied us quite well. They opted to address the issues because we ‘are members of the football family’ however, the reservation was, we would get our reply from their affiliate, the NFA. That crisis led to a reply to Ibrahim Galadima, the then Chairman of the NFA. That rested the case. QED.
POWER OF THE MIGHT: A member of the League Management Company had boasted to my ears (just for me alone though) that, they are talking to the governors to remove in one fell swoop the people masquerading as ‘club owners’ and that, in this matter, they are members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Hours later, Amaju Pinick of Delta state, took the vice chairman of Warri Wolves FC, Alex Amudo, to the dry cleaners. He has been suspended for his role in the meeting and a new acting vice chairman in the person of Kenneth Nwaomacha has been appointed to take over from him. Can someone tell them, this single case is enough GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE. QED.
OUTSIDE INTERESTS: I have known that the struggle for the soul of Nigerian League is not in the best interest of the game. It is for selfish reasons. The LMC has gone on the roof to scream that Total Promotion Nigeria Limited marshalled by Niyi Alonge, prodded by MTN Nigeria are funding the club owners. Club Owners in private hush-hush have accused the LMC to be prodded by Globacom Nigeria Limited.
Whatever is the truth beyond this is no other truth. As at today, the underlined but bold truth remains these:
1.            There is a provision for club owners in the FIFA structure which is the Congress of the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL). To them FIFA gives the recognition to modulate their league. The FA
Adamu...would have been consulted?
a.    Cannot interfere in the day to day administration of the affiliate (in this case, the League and the State FA)
b.   Shall house all matters of discipline and refereeing;
c.    Shall approve relegation and promotion of teams as well as approve of league dates.
2.            There are genuine rooms for the improvements the LMC has articulated for our football, so both club owners and the LMC are supposed to be partners in progress.
3.            The entire IMC and LMC building is faulty from the very foundation. I remembered I pointed it out but due to what an NSC source told me, “you are acrid and so all your views are seen as against us.” Are we not back there today? They should learn to leave my person but pick my voice.
a.    The Congress of the NPL which sacked the Baribote Board should have inaugurated the Nduka Irabor committee ab initio, otherwise, why did the NFF that inaugurated them not sack Baribote to inaugurate them? It’s a trite legal principle.
Maigari...referee who became player
b.   The minister (who doesn’t know the technicalities of operations in sports management) rail roaded the club owners to make the NFF (which was just to be informed and act as observer) participate in the choice of members and inaugurated same;
c.    If the NSC people had been guided by the realities of the Nigerian football industry, given the illegality of the NFF, they would have avoided that snag, even if the NFF had the power to inaugurate them, would have urged the NFF to defer that power to the Congress (club owners) to do so on its behalf and avoid the legal status;
d.   The NFF was fraudulent signing the incorporation papers as NFA when they know they are not NFA. They swore to an affidavit in court that they are not NFA. This is a criminal offence. It is a means to deceive and take what does not belong to them.
e.    This deception was arrived at in a bid to avoid the illegal status of the NFF twice laid out in judgements of court which were not appealed.
4.            Having been inaugurated by the NFF, the IMC transmuted to LMC without recourse to the club owners.
a.    To the LMC, the LMC are jobbers, loafers, and not-well-to-do illiterates who cannot understand modern football management;
b.   Is there any need for the crisis?
c.    No, I think. The LMC sees itself as superior to the club owners. Whereas, whatever is done, if the seal of the Congress of the League is not there, it will never be acceptable to FIFA. (This is where I fault Salisu Abubakar and Shehu Dikko who are in the inner fold of the LMC). The rules are there. All that needed to be done is to read these rules and see how it operates.
Blatter, FIFA President...will end with you?
d.   “These so-called club owners are political jobbers, errand boys of the governors, conduit pipe for our stolen commonwealth. They are just laundering money”. To me. This is true. I have been there as a Board member of Kwara United FC of Ilorin so I should know. But the fact remains, the law recognizes them in that role. Can they be substituted in the law books? No. so, we must make do with them.
e.     In all these, is football administration primary? No. It is secondary. We have an FA that is by constitution, depth of intellection, delivery, understanding their primary responsibilities and totality a pedestrian. This is better understood by their reaction to objective, constructive, logical and thriving thought patterns. You need to see Emeka Inyama’s response to the last Saturday erudite presentation of former Eagles left winger, Adokiye Amasiemaka to appreciate the decrepit our football administration is located.
f.     I have decided to go to England and see their football chemistry. My verdict? In this one, the club owners are right. A reasonable setting would have offered the FA room to call a truce. Here, the FA is a player already. Minister? It is simply GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE. He has no business in all of these. Wait till tomorrow.

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