Sunday, April 21, 2013

LMC vs Club Owners: Where NFF goofed badly again

Ibrahim Galadima, ex-NFA FIFA letter in 2004
Who will take the illiterates in the illegal Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to school? It is sad that these is the quality of half-baked people who are saddled with the management of our football. These people are a bunch of unschooled and unschoolable people.
Reading their statement of last Saturday instructing the club owners on their decision concerning the League Management Company which the same NFF in its usual faux pas referred to as “League Management Committee.”
My mind sprinted to 2004 when we had to go through this same col during the tenure of Alhaji Ibrahim Galadima. FIFA wrote the NFA stating clearly that the FA DOES NOT have the power whatsoever in the day-to-day management of any of its affiliates including the leagues and the state FA.
There are two such letters in their ledges. Do these nomads managing the FA read or can even read? Someone said the Secretary General of the FA, Musa Amadu went to FIFA University. I doubt this. Or, maybe, like my mind is thinking, he may not be aware of the statement in question.  Another insider informed me that Amadu is just occupying office de facto and a lesser endowed favourite is Secretary General de jure. I will return to this in days.
The NFF probably is not aware that they do not have any power anywhere to interfere in the said issue. They have only demonstrated their ignorance in public. Sad.
If tomorrow the club owners meet and sack the LMC, they are right. All the FIFA rules are on their side. All the great vision of the LMC will go down the drain because of the lack of diplomacy of the men in the Glass House.
No wonder the NFF does not know she has no power to suspend anyone who is not their member. That is why they have messed up saying they are suspending journalists from covering their activities. This is another version of “my oga at the top.” What a great comic relief?
With an Ibrahim Galadima around, alive and strong living in his royale Kano, can’t they consult him on ways out of this setting? Sure, the walking encyclopaedia, Hon Ahmed Sani Toro, would have like Galadima explained the details to them in Hausa language.
Waiting for an experimentation of these powers. I wish the club owners will go ahead and test this FIFA rule for once. The law is on their side on this matter. If they do not have the letter I can borrow them my own copy.

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