Monday, April 22, 2013

Did Mr. Bolaji Abdullahi hear the NFF’s voice: ‘We are bankrupt’?

*Sack this Board now with your inherent powers
I am not surprised nor shocked to read that the NFF said she is bankrupt. Sooner than later, the supervising agency, the National Sports Commission (NSC) said she is broke. The NSC by its status and structure cannot be bankrupt. Does this make a meaning to you?
As it declared bankruptcy, it pruned down the staff of the 2013 winning squad, the Super Eagles without the input of Stephen Keshi. Where in the world is this done. Yet, it has been revealed how the NFF plans to frustrate Keshi and make him resign.
Whole pruning Keshi’s team with a bad pincer, the same confused and drunk NFF is employing three coaches (Shaibu Amodu, Kashimawo Laloko and James Peters). One theory coming from the NFF is that, the decision to bring the troika is in preparation for the anticipated sudden resignation of Keshi. Amodu on two occasions had come to salvage bad situations. Amodu is brought in to take over if Keshi resigns. This unusual voice told this reporter in a telephone chat where the number was hidden and the caller refused to disclose his identity.
Maigari...we are bankrupt
It makes some sense. The logic is not far fetched. The timing gives out the sacking and appointments. I had reported all the plans to get Keshi frustrated until he resigns. This included cutting down the allowances of the players and officials by 50%!
If the teams goes to the Confederation Cup in Brazil and does well, it is good for the players and the national team but bad business for the officials. The practice is, the budget is prepared for all the days of the tournament till the final. The earlier the teams falters, the more money for them and funds are never retired or unspent returned to the treasury. So, Keshi’s team CANNOT do well in Brazil. Just attendance, fail and go is the plan.
Thieving cabal: Is it true that the minister has lost the manhood to take any firm decision against the illegal NFF which he had gotten an extra life for? For how long will the minister keep them illegally in office given that there are court orders waiting to be implemented to make them vacate office?
The NFF does not exist in the eye of the Nigerian nation. Even the Attorney General affirmed this in a letter to the NSC and in an affidavit in court. He asserted that the existing law is NFA Act 2004 (as amended). I have read the Act again and again, I noticed that the minister is either administratively impotent (as some insinuations suggested) or he is morally bankrupt (for fear of what we do not know).
Why is he refusing to employ the powers imbued in his office to sack a board that has admitted to be bankrupt? A rudderless, illiterate and sectional board. (All its principal staff are from the north. Details tomorrow). That board negates the statutes that is supposed to govern football and negates the Federal Character law of the land.
They take money as NFA and spend it as NFF. The minister’s team openly called to question the integrity and authority of the nation’s Chief law officer by admitting to giving money to the NFF contrary to the instructions (in writing) for the NSC not to give the NFF any appropriated fund. They did and admitted it publicly.
They do not have any idea of football marketing. With a Super Eagles worth N2.8billion in a pre-Nations Cup outing, emerging as winners and still asking government to bring money to prosecute the Confederation Cup means these people are simply financially bankrupt (which they have told the nation) and intellectually bankrupt.
No wonder they have a culture of stealing people’s proposals to bring money to the organization. Its like Nigerians have gotten to know these and no one is taking ideas of making money to them and they do not have any and then, decided to hang onto government funds (which will come to be shared again as usual).
Was it not true that the NSC took N220m from the about N900m released to the NFF for the Nations Cup? That was the basis of the threats the NSC hung to be suing journalists. The Nigerian Pilot was supposed to be the first. The suit is yet to be filed. Only God knows when they can file such.
I will personally get 1,000 of such suits if they have the courage.

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  1. There was never a time the NSC said she's broke. the NSC have more than enough to see through her programmes for 2013, if the NFF has come out to say she's broke that's not to say same is happening to her sister institution take note.