Friday, April 19, 2013

Irabor: Searching for peace in the Ilorin graveyard


The crisis within Nigerian Premier League system is certainly the brainchild of the office of the minister of sports, Bolaji Abdullahi (for this purpose, permit me to refuse to address him as a mallam).
A mallam is a learned, schooled, well-educated, wise cleric. Our friend and colleague, the minister, does not understand too many things about sports.
I love him for one thing, he pretends like a sciolist to know the terrain than those whose trade it is. He speaks good English with articulate gesticulations but there it stops.
Confusion break bone: When Fela Anukulapo-Kuti sang that song, did he have this minister in mind? What is it that Hon. Nduka Irabor has to say to Commissioners and Directors of Sports in the Ilorin National Council of Sports?
Clearly, I repeat here like I told a select audience some days back, that, having listened to Hon Nduka Irabor in Abuja and the transcript of all he told SWAN in Lagos, I believe he has a good vision for Nigerian football. QED.
They goofed. Several ways they faltered and stumbled had created a bad market and brand on their hands before they started.
1.            FIFA in 2004 when we were fighting Ibrahim Galadima wrote a letter and clearly stated the limits of the powers of the league and that of the FA;
2.            Irabor’s committee transmuting from IMC to LMC without recourse to club owners (the Congress of the NPL) is outrightly faulty;
3.            That Aminu Maigari of the NFF signed the incorporation papers of the LMC as NFA is absolute fraud. It is criminal. I shall in days proceed to ask Maigari to be prosecuted for that fraud. How?
4.            Maigari’s Board swore to an affidavit before Justice Okon Abang where they deposited NOT to be NFA again but NFF. How come he signed the papers as NFA? There was criminal intent to defraud the Nigerian public.
Minister Bolaji Abdullahi has his own agenda. He is out to destroy the Nigerian Premier League. I can swear to this. Or how do you explain the desperate search for peace in the graveyard by dragging Irabor to the National Council of Sports?
Has Abdullahi finished the issues of the open National Sports festival which is supposed to bother the Commissioners and Sports Directors? That decision will make the festival a case of Delta state versus others. Simple.
Two, I exposed in November 2012 the minister’s move which he nor his office till date has denied making my allegations true. I repeat what I then wrote:
Usurpation of NPL in a foreign deal:  On the 20th October, Aminu Maigari and the Chairman of the Technical Committee, Chris Green, travelled to London to broker a deal with IMG Limited in the UK on behalf of the Nigeria Premier League, (NPL). One of them has denied this though but our source insist they are not telling the truth. Is the deal not true? It was minister’s move
As close as their lackey, Victor Baribote is to them, the duo went on the trip without the knowledge of the League Board.
However, the two top shots lied officially that they were going to get a new jersey for Super Eagles against the African Nations cup in South Africa. Neither does any other board member of the illegal NFF know of the true intent of the London trip?
Two weeks ultimatum: Did the club owners not give the LMC two weeks to call a congress? What proactive moves are being made to tackle these conflicts? Public speaking will conflagrate relationship.
My dirty third eye is seeing two league bodies in tango for the soul of our professional football. I see the club owners sticking by the FIFA statutes to sack LMC. Since LMC claims to have FG’s backing they may dare the club owners. So, what then happens?
Let’s wait for Irabor’s Ilorin treatise to bamboozle commissioners and the Directors of sports. Will club owners bulk or act to sack the IMC turned LMC? If this happens, why would Irabor have addressed the meeting in Ilorin?
Or are the Commissioners to be charged to IMMEDIATELY plot another way for a new crisis in Nigerian football? Was this why the meeting was taken to Ilorin in the first place? Many questions to ask.

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