Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LMC: Club owners deserve to sack us – Irabor’s deputy

Irabor…Oh! my deputy accusing me?
Vice Chairman of the League Management Company (LMC), Alhaji Sabo Babayaro has said that the sacking of the body by the club owners has become inevitable as the body has totally derailed from the terms of reference given them at inauguration.
Babayaro, a former member of the Kaduna state House of Assembly, spoke to journalists in Abuja accused the LMC chairman, Hon. Nduka Irabor, of high handedness and overbearing influence on the rest members of the Interim Management Committee (IMC).
He added that “critical decisions were taken without the consent of the other members. The LMC has good intentions and we started on the right track but along the line we veered off the mark and continued going wild in the bush.”
Expantiating his position, the Kaduna United FC boss said, “the LMC derailed because decisions were taken without due consultations. I support the club managers because we are the bonafide owners of the league.


  1. Patrick Omorodion, Vanguard, LagosApril 26, 2013 at 4:15 AM

    It is very unfortunate that people like Sabo Babayaro, a paid 'club owner' could be appointed into a serious body like the LMC. He was wearing a double face in the LMC and benefits from the rot in football hence he's backing managers who want the status quo to remain so that they will continue to fleece their respective state govts through football. Hear him, "we are the bonafide owners of the league". They claim to own the league when they don't contribute anything to it. Even the clubs they run, do they give account for the money the govt pumps into it? Do they pay their players as at when due? How many of them have paid their players their complete sign-on fee. They are fighting the LMC because when the clubs begin to be run professionally with accountability, there would be no free money to siphon. These so-called club owners are the real leeches killing our league.

  2. Onochie Anibeze, LagosApril 26, 2013 at 4:16 AM

    Mr. Omorodion has said it all. Who are these club owners? Almost all clubs in Nigeria are owned by state governments. Which clubs do they own? Nonsense. Somebody wants to reform our dead league and they are kicking against that? Shameless people.
    My grudge is even against our colleagues who wrote that they have sacked LMC. We must begin to use stories and cast headlines in proper perspective. Those guys don't have the power to sack anybody. They may disassociate themselves from LMC but not to sack them because they do not have the powers to do so. Those who published the story ought have known better. Anyway, I'm in support of the reforms Nduka Irabor wants to carry out. They are for the good of our football. NFF and the sports ministry should be firm in their support for these reforms.