Thursday, September 13, 2012


Libel is hallmark of good journalists not illiterates
I have never and would not join banters with illiterates which I count the writer of a piece, Adewale Ajayi of Africa Independent Television (AIT), Abuja on his facebook titled: "Bastardising Journalism" whose funders' interest have been bruised by my activities which I have conducted ethically. I am not doing a defence. Records have just to be put straight.
I agree with him that, "The noble profession called journalism is one I love so much. It's for noble and upright individuals who can stand firm in the face of intimidation and say it without prejudice, without sentiment and any sense of bias". 
1.           For every word I had written, said and will write and say in
any fora, in the past, presently and in future, it is the truth and nothing but the truth. However, in all Wale Ajayi has written, for every lie manufactured and brought as truth, may the life of the liar between I or him be short by a year. May all lies be met with impunity and wrath of severe earthly punishment by the God of truth and justice.
2.           He wrote: that I had "either been sacked, molested or reduced to mere freelance journalists (sic) because of their (can one person be 'their?) antecedents which leaves much to be desired.
In this group reigns an elderly man with goatie beards who specialises in posting image laundering or image destructive articles blended with a lot personal opinions and clothed with speculation, bias and infatuations".
(a) I wonder how a "good" journalist cannot write simple but correct English. This confirms his literacy level. 
(b) He is so afraid to mention my name; What a coward. Yet, he claims to be a journalist. See their ilks?
(c) Is freelancing a disease or offence? I had and am a freelance with foreign media organisations. Is it not from the proceeds he (Wale Ajayi) has taken monetary gifts from me years back?
(d) I have worked in TheHerald, Daily Times, TheNews, SportsLink, ThisDay, National Accord, National Trail (in Nigeria). I was never sacked anywhere nor molested. There are people I worked with and the organisations can be reached for the truth.
(e) My reports are there on my blog and in print in all the media organisations I worked for. He could not even show one bias or speculation. If I speculate and they came to pass, then, that's not speculation. Did I not break the Obama Cup scam? Did I not predict three months before the Olympics that we'll come home empty handed and speculated five gold medals in the paralympics? 
(3) He wrote: "Evidences before me confirms that this dirty and hungry looking journalist was sacked from the stable of a popular newspaper because he goes about collecting pea nuts to tarnish the image of reasonable and responsible Nigerians many of whom battled their way to the top not through blackmail and cheap Journalism".
(a) I thank God that if as I look is a reflection of dirt and hunger, Adewale Ajayi then does not understand English. Unfortunately, I am not a parasitic journalist which he and his ilks are which angers him.
(b) I shall meet him in court to prove where, when and who gave me peanuts he alleged I collected;
(c) He has to also show proof of where I had been sacked "in a popular newspaper"
(4) He lied that I was suspended from appearing in AIT's SportsFile. Oh! I thought simple truth will be nice. Who suspended me? When? I withdrew given that the station and I do not share some positions on the legality of the Aminu Maigari NFF. 
(5) He wrote: "Honourable Godfrey Ali Gaiya, a very upright, intelligent, hardworking and responsible chairman of the house committee on sports. His allegations lack sources, his findings lack details and his comments are stained with lots of bias, blackmail and anger. Where has Gaiya wronged you? How much do you want and how much were you paid to carry out this childish assignment?"
(a) He should let Hon. Gaiya take appropriate steps to deny or confirm the stories. Did he watched porn and was trying to make the tax payer pay? Was the alleged rape incident true? Did I report the original porn story? Did Gaiya got the fair hearing from me? What defence is a person not involved putting on on behalf of the man? Does this reduce Giaiya's hardwork or brilliance? No. 
(6) He wrote: "I pity your case because I know you very well. Inside your rickety car lives over 1000 proposals waiting for attention. Your problem with the NFF started when you submitted a grassroots proposal for consideration and wasnt (sic) given what you wanted, you came to me with thesame proposal to see Gaiya but I told you to hold on and all that you think was reasonable was to tarnish his image in order to hand wink (sic) him into inviting you over, sorry that won't work."
(a) If I ever approached Adewale Ajayi to influence Gaiya or any other person on any matter may all my children die in a jiffy. If I never did, may he suffer same fate.
(b) On my proposal with the NFF, they stole my project. They balkanised it and got money from Afribank. They couldn't deliver it. Afribank approached me to deliver what was stolen from me and I said no. May his soul rest in peace, President Umar Musa Yar'adua stopped me from suing them for intellectual property stealing. Coach Shaibu Amodu, FIFA agent Emmanuel Omijeh are some of my witnesses.
(7) The height of lies is that I live in Wuse. I have never lived in Wuse. How does someone who does not know my house claim a description of its state.
I pride myself in all I do as a lecturer in a University, added to my international jobs as a consultant and journalist.
In all, I shall continue to stand by the truth, fighting corruption and expect corruption to fight me back in this way. Waiting for the next cartons of lies.


  1. Pat Omorodion, Vanguard, Lagos-NigeriaSeptember 13, 2012 at 5:26 PM

    HI Jide, I don't know why you are wasting your time talking about this guy. I don't know him and I don't believe he is one of us, otherwise why would he want to die because something was written about a Nigerian Legislator, whose interest is not for the good of our sports. I see Gaiya or whatever you call him from afar, either on AIT or listen to him blabbing on radio most of the time. Is it not the same Gaiya calling the NSC people names, that he and his committee members were going round the country to investigate whether or not there were infrastructure built at the zones? What did he and his accomplices come out with? We are still waiting for their findings. Gaiya makes noise so that he will be called and settled. That is the stock in trade of our so-called legislators who are supposed to have oversight roles over govt ministries, departments and agencies. What law has he sponsored to help the devt of sports in Nigeria? If Gaiya feels he has been libeled, let him go to court, it is not the business of one Wale to carry the cross for him.
    Has Gaiya come out to defend himself or has he consulted his lawyers to write you? What is his antecedents in sports to be made chairman of the House Committee on Sports? Anyway is it not the same House riddled with bribery and blackmail? Who takes them serious anyway. As an adult, Gaiya has a right to watch porno movies in his privacy though but why did he refuse to pay for it and attract the attention of those who never knew what he was doing with his private time? Did he also pay with his personal money, if so he has no apologies to any of us. But for letting his secret out of the bag for public consumption is his own palava and Wale should not kill somebody for Gaiya's folly. Does Wale know that you played handball up to national team level, was and still into sports writing, as well as a sports consultant? My brother, people like Wale should not deter you from your crusade to rid our sports of corrupt and evil men. They did it against me but I'm not deterred. One day those who want to kill our sports will be brought to their knees whether 1000 Wale Ajayis like it or not.

  2. Unfortunately for Oga Fash, Nigerian Judiciary cannot be relied on to bring justice to litigants every time and I say that with clear conscience because at times you will reign curses on a Judge. Thats the reality of any court case in Nigeria and sometimes abroad. Oga Fash, I think the Court that you seek remedy will likely not resolve this matter but will clearly makes you more angry and quite frankly when parties of the same profession other than lawyers approach NIgerian judiary, you will never get any resolution that satisfies your goal rather you will get peanuts and pepper sprayed on an injured wound. As such I say save your money deal with the person through the same medium.