Saturday, September 29, 2012

The saccharin of exploiters is now bitter

Commonsense comes from knowledge and law
I think since I have gladly offered to let sleeping dogs sleep (where they are not supposed to sleep) and move on, people will let me rest. I DO NOT wish to meet with our brother and friend (Hon. Godfrey Gaiya) on this matter. People should please let me be. Those financially benefitting from the same moves should go on and enjoy their loot.
On the legal suit, I have voluntarily succumbed to words of elders (either by age or by the positions they hold), especially some colleagues and the FCT SWAN to let the matter die.
However, like Dr. Azikiwe told the Oyi of Oyi in 1982, “except if it not the tradition of our people that elders are roundly lied against and insulted by young men of the world, as I have been unjustly treated in this matter, the reign of the lier will come to an abrupt and shattering end. None of my words on this matter will not come to pass.
I shall NOT squint on this matter again.

"My boy, may you live to your full potential, ascend to a dizzy height as is possible for anyone of your political description in your era to rise. May you be acknowledged world-wide as you rise as an eagle atop trees, float among the clouds, preside over the affairs of fellow men.... as leaders of all countries pour into Nigeria to breathe into her ear.
But then, Chuba, if it is not the tradition of our people that elders are roundly insulted by young men of the world, as you have unjustly done to me, may your reign come to an abrupt and shattering close. As you look ahead, Chuba, as you see the horizon, dedicating a great marble palace that is the envy of the world, toasted by the most powerful men in the land, may the great big hand snatch it away from you. Just as you look forward to hosting the world’s most powerful leader and shaking his hands, as you begin to smell the recognition and leadership of the Igbo people, may the crown fall off your head and your political head fall off your shoulders.
None of my words will come to pass, Chuba, until you have risen to the very height of your power and glory and health, but then you will be hounded and humiliated and disgraced out of office, your credibility and your name in tatters forever...”

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