Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where is Ibrahim Gusau’s money?

Hon. Ibrahim Gusau

*The many financial scandals in Ogba’s AFN
His name is Ibrahim Gusau. He is the Vice President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN). He is a politician of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) stock. He belongs to the House of Representatives. What a humble man? He is too humble to be in the moribund, unprogressive and backward integrated sport federation he is and probably to be a politician.
This man can give out his eyes to another who requests for it if and when the need arises. Now, at the Nigerian pre-Olympic national athletics trial, in appreciation of the efforts of the 4x100m ladies, he gave out some monies to the team.
One of the girls, a well brought up lady, was said to have approached one of the officials of the Federations showing the money Gusau gave the girls and asked the said official to please thank him for the gesture.
The official collected the money. After the rest, the quartet approached the official for what was their gift. Till date, only flimsy reasons have been adduced for the money. At a point, the girls were told that since one of them tested positive to drugs they all forfeited the gift!
These are the character of thieving of athletes monies which takes place in the Federation. The question is, where is Gusau’s gift to the team?
I also know that many of the USA-based athletes were massively short-changed by the same official. Some of the athletes got $3,000 while some got $2,000 whereas they were supposed to earn $6,000. Why would such athletes want to o the extra mile for such a country?
Can someone then answer this question for me: if these kinds of ungentlemanly conducts won’t happen in America, Jamaica, Kenya, South Africa, where the full-baked athletes go the extra-mile for an appreciative country, why should Nigerian athletes well-born, with intelligence, not give half-baked results to a cheating nation?
The opportunistic full-baked Olympic gold medalist should be asked, was he so cheated in his brief but limited Olympic success? I know of a coach who scouted these athletes for Nigeria who is being owed. Her monies had been approved and paid out at the NSC and passed to the AFN to pay and the coach is yet to be paid.  Why must that coach or any other reasonable person want to work for Nigeria?

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  1. Mrs. Funmilayo Oloni, New YorkSeptember 4, 2012 at 10:38 PM

    This is a revelation that is as short but very incisive. Mr. Minister, please pay the coach first else you people will only work so hard and will never make a way in your endeavours.
    If Mr. Jide writes that somebody is good, wetin remain, na hin be say that person good. Hon. Gusau, God bless you. I called a friend of mine who is in athletics, she confirmed virtually everything this journalist has written by Mr. Gusau.
    Minister, names should be mentioned. The culprits who steal athletes' money will not ever do well in life. They should be made to cough out what they've stolen.
    Those licensed thieves. In Lagos, when you call some one 'Ologba' he is a thief. Simple. No wonder they could not even get one spoon in London.