Saturday, September 22, 2012

Presidential largesse: Paralympians shortchanged by NSC officials (Part II)

God will always prosper the hands of the diligent and just...And deliver judgment to the wicked, who refuse to turn away from evil...
Sports Minister, Bolaji Abdullahi...reversed the arrangement?

I have only quoted the scripture. How many of us in our freedom can say amen to this prayer? My phone suffered injustice with calls, SMS, and text messages. Very few are angry with me that I did the report on the fleecing of the paralympians while many prayed and wished me well. I am used to all these.
However, the words of caution guided me. I got to the National Sports Commission (NSC) where I was told what had transpired. There are some other accompanying officials that followed the contingent to the Games. Who prepared the administrative and other tasks behind the scene.
Normally, they are not listed in official circles as members of the team to be compensated. However, it is trite practise in sports for such monies to be re-calculated to give the unseen hands that makes the team’s successes work.
Where I gathered the error came in was the main actors were not put in the picture. Secondly, no one in his right senses will ever trust an NSC structure (as it is today), as it has always been (at least, I know since 1979 to date) or possibly in the nearest future.
Anyhow, I gathered that the Hon. Minister, Bolaji Abdullahi, who was not aware of the arrangement, moved instantly and reversed the situation to make the orders of the President stand firmly on its terrain.

When will the NOC be a responsible organization?
NOC President, Sani Ndanusa
They got millions of Naira from some corporate sponsors. They got N50m from the NSC and asked for another N15m. they also got $100,000 from the international Olympic Committee (IOC). These sums were during this London 2012 period.
Did the religious books not command that we should not let the sweat of labourers dry before they are paid their dues? Staffers of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) like others deserve their pay at the end of every month. These folks were owed four months salaries and allowances.
When I exposed how the $100,000 was ‘stolen’ I stated that they were not paid. Suddenly, the staffers were paid two of the three months salaries with a proviso that the unpaid two months must not get to “those hungry journalists”.
While I am not contending if or whether because journalists expose them makes them hungry, I also know that many of those in the NOC board are not gainfully employed or employable. They live and survive on what comes from the NOC. They should pay the balance of three months (as September will join the queue in a matter of days).
If the workers are paid regularly who wants to ask questions? If the hungry and idea-barren NOC chiefs do what is needful and right, no one will look to their pot of stew to know whether it is pepperish or not.  

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