Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This is where Gusau's money is - AFN

Hon. Gusau

If modicum, respect, response and relationship management had been the media between our sports federations and athletes, coaches, fans, media and administration, we should have gotten our bearing for too long. Many of the issues that goes to press without their reaction won’t be.
As I published my report on Hon Gusau's money yesterday, I was inundated with several telephone calls, e-mails, reactions and SMS messages.
One that I got was from the Federation, (so I think), which was for once (unlike what I have come to know in the last three and a half years) very professional.
Please read: “I am great fan of yours and am very sure you know this. I saw your story on Shehu Gusau and I totally disagree on it. He gave the money to Joy Mayaki who in the first instance is not a member or staff of AFN and she in turn gave the money to one of the Assistant Secretaries in AFN. 
We did not know what the money is for, but it was kept with other Federation money.
It was in UK (probably during the Olympics) that the Assistant Secretary explained what the money is meant for and that Joy Mayaki had been disturbing her saying Hon Gusau wanted the money back because AFN did not give it to the athletes concerned.
The Secretary General had N100,000 given to Blessing Okagbare out of the N230,000 given by the Hon. She mandated  the remaining N130,000 paid back into Joy Mayaki's account at First Bank which was effected on Wednesday 29th August 2012. We can give you the teller if need be.

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  1. Irene Chigbu, IrelandSeptember 5, 2012 at 2:45 PM

    One thing the journalist failed to do is, why did you not ask the same AFN people what happened to the money of that coach who you said recruited for the country and is being owed?
    Does that coach not deserve his/her money?
    At least, we now know where the athletes' monies are.
    How come Okagbare gets N100,000 and the other three members of the team share N130,000> Is Okagbare bigger and better than the others in the team?
    Many more questions are coming up from the reply they gave you.
    It was good you had published this reaction.
    More on them please.
    Well done.