Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NSC-NFF: The conspiracy of confusion

 I had since some days been pondering and trying to understand what politics or game is going on between the National Sports Commission (NSC) and the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). Why I am not shocked is obvious.
In my last story on how the NFF board has perfected its plans to perpetuate itself for another four years, one of the anointed fellars said, “we have the government behind us firmly.” Now, I can understand the link.
See the two letter attached. The NSC directed the Nigeria Football Association to suspend the Nigeria Premier League (NPL). This is in order given the circumstances on ground. What they forgot to do was to sweep away the board of the NPL.
The first error is, the letter was addressed to the NFA and not the NFF. The writer of the letter must have been mischievous or what? The reference letter is NSC/FEAD/NFF/GM/020/CON/97. What a grand confusion. The addressee and the reference does not tally.
When the letter was received, it was received by a person unknown to the letter, the NFF. See the acknowledgement stamp.
Going through paragraph 3 of the said letter. By interpretation, the NFA was to resolve the issues identified within one month and report to the NSC. Yet, we read in the papers yesterday that the Minister is setting up a committee to do what he directed the NFA (which in reality does not exist on the ground) to do.  That which exist on ground, the NFF, is not only illegal but is not in the picture of that letter.

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